Final date change would be “disrespectful” says Bairns chairman

Hibs David Gray will meet Luke Leahy again next month
Hibs David Gray will meet Luke Leahy again next month

Falkirk chairman Doug Henderson says changing the crucial Falkirk v Hibernian match on the final day of the season would be “disrespectful” to the clubs plans.

The club is planning to launch a charity in memory of former chairman Campbell Christie on the day and preparations have been made with Mr Christie’s family and the club for the sepcial event.

Mr Henderson also leapt to the defence of fans who would be inconvenienced by the 24 hour delay to the game.

In a club statement the Bairns chairman said: “We strongly oppose the moving of our game to the Sunday. Once again, the fans would be inconvenienced at the last minute when this change was predictable several weeks ago and could have been dealt with then.

“We are launching a charity in memory of our former Chairman, Campbell Christie, and his family members have organised travel from all over the country.”

“Preparations for this event have been in place for some time now and it would be extremely disappointing and disrespectful if the launch had to be abandoned.”

“In the interest of fairness, the end of season fixtures have traditionally been played concurrently on an agreed date. You can’t have one game kicking off when all the others have finished. That, in our opinion, is not in the spirit of the game. We must uphold the integrity of our football competitions at all costs.”

“We are now convinced that a fundamental review of fixture rearranging to suit television must be organised as soon as possible. The requirements of supporters must be foremost in any decisions made. They are the lifeblood of the game.”

Last night a Bairns source told The Falkirk Herald the club was “fiercely opposed” to switching the match to the Sunday.David