Fans group stands firm on SFL vote

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Falkirk's major shareholder and fans group BairnsTrust are standing firm on their views ahead of tomorrow's seismic Scottish football meeting and called for changes at the top.

The SFL will decide on proposals which may, or may not, allow a Rangers team to play in the First, or Third Division next season.

Falkirk have stated their aversion to proposals as they stand, and demanded discussions take place on league expansion.

Stenhousemuir are more amiable to Rangers entering at a Division One level, provided certain criteria - including reconstruction - are met.

And after a Bairns board meeting this afternoon, involving Bairnstrust rep Alistair Brookes, the supporters group released a statement re-iterating the group's desire for change and rejection of Rangers parachuting into Division One.

But they also called for changes at the top of the football authorities, claiming fan have lost confidence in senior office bearers and asked for "changes to rebuild that confidence and trust."

The statement, by Trust chief Tom Paterson made seven points, including "Bairnstrust have not changed their view on Newco and the proposals in this outline plan we believe should only be discussed on the premise that all Newco clubs start at the bottom of the current league set up. A significant majority of fans, including Newco fans, want Newco in Division Three. Why does the game consistently ignore what customers want on this issue?

"Bairnstrust believes supporters have no confidence or trust in the current senior office bearers in the game in Scotland and would like to see changes made to rebuild that confidence and trust."

Bairnstrust also called for supporters to be involved in any working parties tasked with taking the reconstruction forward.

And Mr Paterson's statement added: "We have consulted with a number of Trusts from other clubs and their views are broadly the same as Bairnstrust."

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