Famous faces, value for money and great saves

Can you name the players pictured here?
Can you name the players pictured here?

Reflections on Falkirk’s trip to Cappielow and other sporting stories.

STAR SPOTTING: There were a few well-kent faces in the old Cappielow stand on Saturday. David Hopkin is a Greenock boy and was watching his home-town team. He played for Morton, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Leeds and Bradford and was subject of some big money transfers.

WEEKEND IN PARIS: You had to feel sorry for the supporters who were allowed in to the France-Ireland match only for officials to call the match off. Why no under-soil heating in a modern international arena? Why let them in in the first place?

BREATHE IN BOYS: Talk about compact and bijou? The big plus of Morton’s press seating was a padded cushion which had probably graced the pews of a local church, but there were no power points and very little space. When one reporter went for a pie or comfort stop, they all had to get out to make room.

TEASER: Which former Falkirk player didn’t have a single vowel in his surname?

PRICE IS RIGHT: Good to see reasonable prices in the pie stalls at Cappielow. Scotch pie and hot home-made soup was on offer at £2.30. Bovril, teas and coffees were all good value. When will other clubs learn that selling 500 pies at £1 is better than selling 200 at £2? Lessons to be learned Part Three.

SHAKING ALL OVER: The tabloids had a field day over the Evra and Suarez non-handshake. There was a full 10-minute discussion on the Radio Scotland phone-in over the lack of handshake between Sergio and Shiels. Come on, get a life. When we’re more concerned about handshakes than goals we’re in a bad way. Incidentally, what about a colour supplement on ‘Suspicious Handshakes at Kick-Off Time’? Now that would be worth seeing.

MYSTERY PIC: Can you name the four Scotland stars warming up for a game?

SAVING THE DAY: Falkirk have always had a good tradition of finding reliable keepers. Michael McGovern is now a fully fledged member of that club. What a performance at Cappielow! The penalty save was impressive, but that last-second tip onto the post was something else.

BENCHMARKS: Match rating - 8, team rating - 7, opposition - 8, referee - Madden 7, best Bairn - Michael McGovern

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