Falkirk v Stirling Albion... as it happened

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Falkirk saw off Stirling Albion in the first round of the Ramsdens Cup on Saturday thanks to a goal from Kieran Duffie and two from Lyle Taylor.

The Falkirk Herald was there bringing you the latest action from the match in our Live Match Updates section of the website, and here’s the game as it happened.

2:42 Falkirk Herald: The teams are warming up on the pitch for Falkirk v Stirling - and the heavens have just opened.

2:43 Falkirk Herald: If you can’t see the picture above, the teams are as follows.....

2:44 Falkirk Herald: Michael McGovern, Kieran Duffie, Stephen Kingsley, Darren Dods, Jonny Flynn, Jay Fulton, Craig Sibbald, Stewart Murdoch, Lyle Taylor, Andy Haworth, Luke Leahy.

2:44 Falkirk Herald: Subs: Chris Smith, Liam Dick, Dale Fulton, Jordan White, Graham Bowman

2:45 Falkirk Herald: Stirling Albion: Sam Filler, Gary Thom, Danny Ashe, Jamie McCunni, Brian Allison, Greig McDonald, Daly McSorley, Gavin PMcPherson, Graham Weir, Bradley Coyne, Mark Ferry.

Subs: Scott Davidson, Marc McCulloch, Gary Brass, Jamie Clarke,Mark Peat

2:46 Falkirk Herald: As ypou’ll see there are a few former Falkirk and Camelon players in among Stirling’s ranks

2:49 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

RT @DeeOhh: Ramsdens Cup asks media for MoM awards. My 5 nominees got the champagne each round last term -could be anyone today though # ...

2:52 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

Got something to say about the @falkirkbairns game today? You can keep up with the game and have a say at falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/falkirk-…

3:02 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

Teams are out after another minor monsoon more details here: falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/falkirk-…

3:02 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

Game on and McGovern has to make a save after only 11 seconds

3:08 Falkirk Herald: Dipping shot from Haworth on six minutes gathered at the second attempt by Sam Filler

3:10 Falkirk Herald: Stewart Murdoch is the central figure for Falkirk at the moment, charging through the middle at every opportunity

3:12 Falkirk Herald: Mark Ferry header from Gav McPherosn’s corner is goal-bound but strikes Graham Weir on it’s way to goal.

3:12 Falkirk Herald: That’s two scares now for Falkirk, and there’s no let up on the rain which is somehow dripping on the press box

3:14 Falkirk Herald: Insert joke here; drips in the press box, leaky defences, high and dry.... your choice.

3:16 Falkirk Herald: Falkirk’s 4-3-2-1 is leaving Lyle Taylor exposed up front

3:17 Falkirk Herald: Shot from distance by Jay Fulton slides wide of the target

3:17 Falkirk Herald: Stephen Kingsley has been a target for Falkirk fans’ forums already (we’re just 17 minutes into the season proper) but he’s made an assured start this afternoon

3:25 Falkirk Herald: Loose pass from Brian Allison after 24 minutes seized upon by Craig Sibbald but the youngster blasts over from 20 yards

3:25 Falkirk Herald: Falkirk have had a real difficulty keeping possession in the final third with Stirling packing 8 men back into it plus Sam Filler in goals.

3:29 Falkirk Herald: So far there are only ten goals across Scotland in the 15 Ramsdens Cup ties

3:29 Falkirk Herald: And none in games involving the district’s three teams

3:31 Falkirk Herald: Lyle Taylor talks his way into ref John McKendrick’s book after a wrestle with Gary Thom

3:33 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

RT @TheJuniorsInfo: Goal Camelon 1 (Gillespie) Kilbirnie 1 (Smillie)

3:33 Falkirk Herald: The SHire have gone 1-0 up at home to Ayr United. Michael Herd the scorer

3:35 Falkirk Herald: Graham Weir turns Darren Dods inside out on the edge of the box but a great recovery by Jonny Flynn got across to block the shot

3:39 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

And just like that my net connection’s died.... Goal for Falkirk and zap. Duffie the scorer

3:39 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

GOAL FALKIRK! Duffie more here - falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/falkirk-…

3:39 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

Back online now - more at falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/falkirk-…

3:40 Falkirk Herald: Jay Fulton threaded Duffie in and the right back tip-toed past two defenders before thumping into the roof of the net on 35 minutes

3:41 Falkirk Herald: While I’ve been offline the Bairns have been charging further forward and gone close at a few corners with Lyle Taylor throwing himself at Luke Leahy’s deliveries

3:43 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

RT @FalkirkJuniors: Falkirk Juniors v Crossgates Primrose kick-off at 14:15

3:43 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

Stenhousemuir 1-0 up through the Beast @thebeast09 John Gemmell

3:47 Falkirk Herald: Shire now 2-0 up on Ayr and Michael Herd has scored again

3:47 Falkirk Herald: Half-time here at The Falkirk Stadium, Falkirk lead 1-0

4:00 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

RT @FalkirkJuniors: Falkirk Juniors 1 - 2 Crossgates Primrose

4:05 Falkirk Herald: Game’s back underway here and a touch of class from Craig Sibbald for his first touch

4:06 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

Ayr have clawed a goal back at Ochilview straight after the interval. Shire still lead 2-1

4:09 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

GOAL FALKIRK! falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/falkirk-…

4:10 Falkirk Herald: Lyle Taylor dances forward and hits a shot from 20 yards after 51 minutes

4:10 Falkirk Herald: Seems to mishit it but it slithers past Sam Filler and into the net.

4:11 Falkirk Herald: And as soon as he scores and the roar dies down it is replaced by drumming on the Main Stand roof as the rain cascades.

4:13 Falkirk Herald: Taylor has scored six goals in five games since penning his contract just before the Fraserburgh game

4:14 Falkirk Herald: The striekr, you’ll note from the national papers today (and The Falkirk Herald ten days ago) has worked with Ronaldinho, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba

4:14 Falkirk Herald: ....in advertisements for Nike and Samsung

4:14 Falkirk Herald: He also appears in the Champions League Ford adverts at each commercial break in the TV coverage

4:15 Falkirk Herald: Make that seven in five games

4:15 Falkirk Herald: GOAL FALKIRK

4:15 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

GOAL FALKIRK! falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/falkirk-…

4:15 Falkirk Herald: Luke Leahy’s corner is flicked on at the front post and volleyed into the net by Taylor

4:16 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

Now 3-0 Falkirk against Stirling Albion

4:17 Falkirk Herald: Stirling preparing to make a substitution too

4:18 Falkirk Herald: Taylor looks to have been a shrewd coup by Steven Pressley

4:19 Falkirk Herald: He seems very very content as a lone striker. He looked iscolated in the first half but was probably being crowded out by Stirling. Now though, he has a bit more space and has reaped the reward

4:20 Falkirk Herald: Not been counting exactly but his chances to goal ratio is around one goal in two or three chances

4:20 Falkirk Herald: Andy Haworth goes close for Falkirk. Breezedn past Stirling mnager Greig McDonald and lifted the ball towards the far post but it’s narrowly wide. 62 minutes gone

4:21 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

RT @TheJuniorsInfo: Goal Camelon 3 (Gillespie, Donalson, Wright) Kilbirnie 2 (Smillie, Dillon)

4:21 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

RT @TheJuniorsInfo: Goal Camelon 4 (Gillespie, Donalson, Wright, Steerin) Kilbirnie 2 (Smillie, Dillon) Need to confirm names

4:22 Falkirk Herald: Ex-Bairn Collin Samuel has scored for East Fife to put them 2-0 up at Peterhead and it’s still 2-1 for the Shire.

4:22 Falkirk Herald: Dunfermline are drawing 2-2 in Forfar

4:23 Falkirk Herald: As are Raith in Wick

4:23 Falkirk Herald: Stenhosuemuir lead 1-0 still, away at Stranraer

4:23 Falkirk Herald: Camelon are doing OK with their home tie against Kilbirnie Ladeside

4:24 Falkirk Herald: As usual you’ll get all the match reports and news in the Falkirk Herald on Thursday

4:25 Falkirk Herald: Good striding run forward by Stirling’s Danny Ashe and he thumps a shot from 25 yards that deflects off Dods for a corner.

4:25 Falkirk Herald: The Falkirk captain is the man to knock it clear too.

4:26 Falkirk Herald: The Ramsdens Cup holds a few milestones for Darren Dods. He scored his first Falkirk goal, and made his competitive debut for Falkirk in it, and also scored the winner against Hamilton at Livingston last season to lift the cup

4:28 Falkirk Herald: Stranraer have equalised against Stenhousemuir. 1-1 there. Elsewhere Raith have taken the lead again in Wick, and Forfar lead Dunfermline 3-2

4:29 Falkirk Herald: Falkirk are working a lot down the right wing, Lyle Taylor has been down in that corner of the stadium several times in the past ten minutes, as has Jay Fulton.

4:30 Falkirk Herald: Andy Haworth is cutting in from the right too, but the big Englishman seems intent on grabbing his first home goal for Falkirk, but it’s just not falling for him despite the positive build-up play

4:31 Falkirk Herald: Luke Leahy is penalised for a slide tackle where he picked up speed on the slick surface and slid into Daly McSorley

4:32 Falkirk Herald: The fans are angered though as John McKendrick’s whistle comes as Lyle Taylor bears down on goal. Certainly a foul though.

4:35 Falkirk Herald: Jonny Flynn header straight at Sam Filler

4:38 Falkirk Herald: Great chasing back and tackle in the box by Flynn on Albion sub Gary Brass after Falkirk squandered a free-kick on the halfway line

4:49 FalkirkHeraldSport@FalkirkHeraldSp

The Shire are through having seen off Ayr United 3-1 #ramsdenscup

4:50 Falkirk Herald: FULL TIME 3-0 Lyle Taylor is man of the match