Falkirk seek chairman to replace Martin Ritchie

Martin Ritchie.
Martin Ritchie.

Martin Ritchie announced the start of the search for his successor at Falkirk’s AGM tonight.

Just a week after downplaying there would be any added significance to the meeting and denying there would be a “dramatic announcement” he admitted the time had come for a new face to lead the club and the board of directors after his five years at the helm.

He told shareholders: “I have been chairman for five years but part of the sustainability review looked further ahead than that.

“We have to ask who will be in charge for the next five years and that is why I am stepping down as chairman, but will remain until a replacement is found.”

Rumours had brewed among the Bairns support ahead of the AGM - for the second time in two years - that he would quit. He swerved the issue when asked by The Falkirk Herald and downplayed his eventual decision by claiming there would be “no dramatic exit announcement, but I’m not going to stand up and say I’m staying around forever”.

Last year there were similar stories circulating when he he ‘stepped back’ to carry out a sustainability review of the club, and concluded that new expertise were needed among the board of directors and this led to the directorship of Doug henderson and Colin liddell rejoining the board. Douglas McIntyre took over more day-to-day duties of the chairman and was re-elected to the board at the meeting in the Brockville Lounge.

Female representation was also noted to be lacking in the boardroom throught the business review and Mr Ritchie also announced Margaret Lang, a lawyer with club sponsors Russel and Aitken, would be joining the board.