Falkirk for thrills ... but not always the points

Who are we?
Who are we?

The Benchman’s reflections on a mixed week for the Bairns

QUOTE OF THE DAY: After one particularly poor effort from the wide area, the resident comedian in front of the press box came away with the following classic: ”See you, you couldnae cross a bridge!”

TEAM OF THE DAY?: It never ceases to amaze me how the sports papers pick their divisional team of the day. After losing 5-2 at home to Livingston, and having a defence that looked jittery in the extreme, two Falkirk players make the team of the day in one tabloid - keeper Graham Bowman and Tam Scobbie. With no disrespect to the two lads - eh?

MYSTERY PIC: What was the occasion? Can you name any of the personalities involved in this picture taken at Brockville?

SIGN OF A GOOD OFFICIAL?: Against Morton the far side assistant had a good game. No controversial decisions, no dodgy offsides and no disputed calls. Well done Lorraine Clark. We should acknowledge her professional performance and not focus on her gender. After several high-profile comments about female officials, it is a pleasure to say that many would not even have noticed her. That’s how it should be.

LAST WEEK: Did you recall the members of the exclusive Falkirk FC 400 club? They were keeper Tom Ferguson, defender John Markie, full-back Tom Scott and keeper George Watson. It’s highly unlikely that there will be any more members, given the change in salaries and contracts in the modern game. The young man in the picture was none other than Derek Ferguson in his early days at Ibrox. He became Falkirk’s record signing when he came to Brockville from Sunderland for a reported fee of £285,000. His time at Brockville was bedevilled by injury and he moved on to Dunfermline.

LUCKY TROUSERS: John Hughes felt it was his lucky day when he found £130 in the back pocket of an old pair of suit trousers. £130? What kind of income does he have if he can find that sum without missing it? I’ll never forget the unbridled joy when I found 2/- down the back of a settee which enabled us to watch the 1970 World Cup final on our slot TV. Happy days.

THE OLD FIRM?: The Sunday papers were full of it. Some tabloids gave 10 pages of build-up to the game. The rest of the country was quickly glossed over. The game itself produced the usual bile, hatred and accusations of conspiracy. One guy on Five Live’s 606 went on about Voodoo Economics in Scotland. It’s a game for goodness sake.

SEVEN GOALS - AGAIN: Falkirk for thrills? Seven-goal thriller against Livingston 4-3. Seven-goal thriller against Livingston 2-5. It makes great viewing for any neutrals and the gentlemen of the press and media.

TEASER: Which Falkirk players have also played for Everton at some point in their careers?

BENCHMARKS: Match rating: 7 Team performance: 5 Opposition: 7 Referee: Somers 6 Best Bairn: Farid El Alagui