Falkirk fans survey results make unpleasant reading for club’s board

Falkirk fans have criticised the club in a number of areas
Falkirk fans have criticised the club in a number of areas

Brace yourselves! The results of the latest supporters survey of Falkirk fans have been published – and they won’t make pleasant reading for the club’s board of directors.

Last year’s controversial poll provoked much debate and ill-feeling between the Falkirk Supporters Society and the club board. And this year the flak for directors does not ease up despite an optimistic chairman’s report from Martin Ritchie in the club accounts and improvements on the balance sheet.

When asked year-on-year if the club has improved overall, 60 per cent of answers indicated a deterioration.

Despite favourable accounts detailed in last week’s Falkirk Herald and to be discussed at this week’s AGM, fan disillusionment appears to be increasing year on year, according to the results.

Some 73.8 per cent of answers disagreed that the club understands and listens to fans, an increase of 16pc compared to last year’s poll. People agreeing with the view were down 7.5pc.

Likewise the club recognising and valuing fans support - 69.6pc disagree compared to 53.1 in 2013. Only 13.6pc of the poll agree, down from 23.7 percent last year.

In total 634 completed the poll this year.

Improvements have been seen in the stadium cleanliness, hospitality quality, and value for money at the catering kiosks.

Quality of football was ranked most highest as an area in need of improvement, followed by the club leadership, matchday environment and communication. Again the Stadium facilities and catering was deemed the least of the aspects of the club needing attention.

Further reaction and analysis to the results will appear in Thursday’s edition of The Falkirk Herald.