Falkirk fan ownership deal still on track

Falkirk FC. Picture: John Devlin
Falkirk FC. Picture: John Devlin

The Back the Bairns scheme to widen the fan ownership and attract new investment to the club still plans to formally launch in May.

Indicative pledges have already been made by both fans and patrons in the scheme which aimed to inject up to £800,000 fresh investment into the club's coffers.

And in an update from organisers, they are still on schedule to hold an EGM and formal launch around the end of the season.

The Falkirk Herald has received an update on the current situation with plans now heading to the boardroom after weeks of negotiations with the club's powerbrokers in the major shareholders' group.

It said: "Over the last six weeks we have had several productive meetings with the Major Shareholders Group with a view to achieving our joint aim of widening fan ownership and attracting new investment to the club.

"We're pleased to say that we have made good progress towards agreeing a future governance model and a sensible transition plan which will bring about change while ensuring stability for the club.

"We also have broad agreement around the proposed share issue and changes to the Articles of Association. The detailed work on these will be done over the next six weeks. Our immediate next step is to present our proposals to the FFC Board in March.

"Subject to their approval, an EGM will be called to approve the proposed share issue in April.

"Finally, it is still our aim to launch the fan ownership scheme in May in order to provide additional funds for the playing budget next season."