Falkirk 2 Dunfermline 4: Your Views

The demeanour of the Falkirk fans only got worse as the game wore on. Picture Michael Gillen.
The demeanour of the Falkirk fans only got worse as the game wore on. Picture Michael Gillen.

We asked you to keep it clean in your assessments of the derby day defeat. Here’s what the fans said about the loss to Dunfermline.

@Jimmill18885755: “I’m ashamed by that performance, outfought, outplayed, out the league.”

Falkirk fans' pre-match display. Picture Michael Gillen.

Falkirk fans' pre-match display. Picture Michael Gillen.

Steven Healy: “As a Falkirk fan for over 40 year have we as a club ever been this low? We have had dark days in the past, but what we did have was fight and a togetherness, what we have at the moment is a total disconnect throughout the club, the majority of players are not fit to wear the shirt, we used to have a great if not one of the best youth development teams now we have nothing and it breaks my heart to see Falkirk in the state it’s in at the moment. We desperately need to stay up this season as being relegated would kill the club, we need to lose the board and the majority of players and reboot the club again.”

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@lewfal: “Some players on the park are clearly not good enough or not interested at all. We didn’t deserve anything. Looking forward to the January cull.”

@jockmcnie: “There are a lot on the pitch not playing at the moment but still getting paid.”

David Mitchell was raging at his defence. Picture Michael Gillen.

David Mitchell was raging at his defence. Picture Michael Gillen.

Alister Tetsill: “If that was any other job and you never done what you were paid for then you’d get sacked or not paid.”

Keith Kleinman: “ What can you say the fans turn up in there numbers and the players show no effort no one worth keeping.”

Rab Mullin: “First Division here we come!!! My faith in this club is being severely tested right now!!!”

@homers_twin: “Can’t keep it clean, sorry! Reboot required from top to bottom!”

Ray McKinnon. Picture Michael Gillen.

Ray McKinnon. Picture Michael Gillen.

@ChrisBaty88:Flipping shampoo” (edited)

@McNee90: “Keep it clean Andy. Very shampoo**” (edited)

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@lazyitis_76: “My mum always said if I’ve nothing nice to say then say nothing at all, so...”

Even Dunfermline fans were unhappy at times on Saturday. Picture Michael Gillen.

Even Dunfermline fans were unhappy at times on Saturday. Picture Michael Gillen.

Christopher Nelson: “Players have sacked it – don’t deserve that kind of support.”

Dave Carter: “I have no printable views.”

Debbie Cumming: “Very poor I’m afraid and very disappointing.”

Grant Elliot: “Travel from Kirkcaldy to watch that shower of shampoo and the football is woeful. Lewis is the worst striker I’ve seen and today he showed why he gets it tight. No fight, no desire and again we make an average Pars team look good. Only reason I’m going is because I have a season ticket. We’re so bad that even I’m losing my passion. Board need to go and whole squad needs to be gutted.” (edited)

@Goags1957: “The rift between Club and Supporters can’t be healed without changes. Unity required not more divide. The MSG could try to fix this by either making Board changes quickly or stepping aside to allow others to fix. Doing nothing is not an option. Sadly that is what they will do.”

Joanne Hynd: “I travel from Edinburgh each week...which means additional costs...and there will be people traveling further. It’s not fair this is how we are repaid for our commitment. Tynecastle is only a 15 min walk...It’s becoming more tempting each week

Falkirk fans on Saturday. Picture Michael Gillen.

Falkirk fans on Saturday. Picture Michael Gillen.

Christine Reid: “Fans - Why do you keep going every week them moaning. Why pay the players every week if they are as bad as you say they are. Pay by results only. If the fans didn’t turn up, the board might have to have a re-think. Why have an AGM and keep the same board you are complaining about. FANS IT’S IN YOUR HANDS!”

Rod Moore: “No commitment, no passion, no desire, some are not fit to wear the shirt. 17 games left to get us out this position - RM must make some decent signings in January or we’re down.”

@FFCGAV: “Don’t need a CEO in league 1 and chairperson who doesn’t own any shares can do one.”

Hay Leigh: “Four minutes of joy... didn’t last long.”

@dougymanson: “Shocking abysmal humiliating and the players are simply just not good enough. McKinnon will need to be a magician to save us from relegation.”

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@si_godfrey: “Never been so disappointed in the performance of the team , club needs to change top to bottom.”

@graeme_wyllie: “Simple fact is that performances this season - not just today awful though it was - merit relegation.”

@UncleBairn: “Just when you think it won’t get any worse it does. 17 games to survive but League 1 now looks inevitable. Impossible at this stage to see us finishing above anyone.”

Deryk Wilson: “When your ‘captain’ is the first one to walk off the park at the end, that tells you all you need to know. Utter drivel.”

Nicky Rodgers: “Sack the board.”

@FalkirkFanzone: “Board out now!”

@StewartBaillie: “Shower of shampoo!” (edited)

@CraigCru__: “Worst performance I’ve ever seen (been saying that a lot this season).

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@Alibalibeebrown: “Embarrassing shambles. Fans turned up for them today and never felt so let down this whole season. That’s the clean version!”

Stuart Allen: “GUTLESS”

Raymond Setchfield: “You’ve got fans walking out at least 20 minutes before the end of the match. You also have fans chanting ‘sack the board’. You don’t need to print anymore views. You have them!”

Marshall Fleming: “If these players used today’s game to show a reason to keep them at the club, then unfortunately they failed and fell far short of the standard a our club requires. Time for change...”

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John Fairley: “Don’t blame the management team you can’t win games with the squad we have, just hope the planned changes improve the results if not it is league one next season.”

Chris Hynd: “Embarrassing on and off the field”

Nick Stevenson: “Is the “r” word printable ?”

William Laing: “Wish you were allowed to print true feelings #STB”

Malcolm Newbigging: “The board are 100% responsible for the mess we are in yet they sent about as if nothing is wrong. I just hope we can last financially a few years in the first division.”

Jean Yvonne Kirk: “I went to support one of the sponsors well before full time, BTW thanks for saving my Saturday. Sad day for Falkirk today, lets hope the next home match with the “new signings” proves fruitful.”

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Alister Tetsill: “Can you get a refund on your season ticket? A bit like PPI as it was sold under false pretences.”

Daryl Mullen: “Blame lies with the players who are simply not good enough, the board have to take blame for allowing this to happen. Also some questions must be asked of Ray as the defending has been embarrassing.”

Margaret Rose Johnson: “I started taking my young son to Falkirk matches a few years ago now, they won a few but lost a lot. I sat coaching/teaching him that he needs to be loyal to his home team, as others got up and walked out I would encourage him to stay and see it through. I asked him how he thought those players on the pitch felt with their fans leaving them, I felt the strength and encouragement ring in my ears from my late mother who loved her town to teach my son to support his team win, lose or draw. My son has stayed loyal, he is nearly 17 he has a season ticket and attends the away games. He has his name on a step and his sister bought him a tile in the tunnel, he supports his team loyally through it all. But my heart aches for him this season and I’m losing my will to jeer him on in his support of this team, something is drastically wrong and I don’t know a lot about football but even I know this isn’t working.

I read lots of comments from supporters who have supported the team a lot longer and know what they are talking about, but I don’t see them being listened to it’s like the club doesn’t care. It’s time to wake up and do something, it’s very disheartening.”