Falkirk 1 Partick Thistle 1: Fans views

Falkirk fans. Picture Michael Gillen.
Falkirk fans. Picture Michael Gillen.

Here's what you had to say after the weekend draw in the SPFL Championship.

@jimmmill18885755: "Dour Driech and then there was the weather, hard to watch but take a point and maybe attack a team next?"

Falkirk v Partick Thistle. Picture Michael Gillen.

Falkirk v Partick Thistle. Picture Michael Gillen.

Grant Elliot: "Too sloppy. Gave the ball away far too often and didn't deserve to be level at half time although we were unlucky to not win when we hit the post. We need to be more positive as every week as we just sit back and hit teams on the break when this was really a game where we should have been looking to be on the front foot and win!"

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@UncleBairn: A huge game at home against a side below us but sadly we were set up not to lose the game, rather than trying to win it. Poor performance, negative tactics and strange substitutions."

@dougymanson: "Never got going and thistle seemed to want it more unfortunately. We need to start giving young rudden more support."

Falkirk fans. Picture Michael Gillen.

Falkirk fans. Picture Michael Gillen.

Kevin McFeat: "Terrible display , McKinnon needs to change his set up . Osman in front of the defenders is too slow never wins a second ball , we should have matched them up with a 4-4-2 n took them on . Too negative for me."

IN QUOTES: Ray McKinnon and Gary Caldwell

@homers_twin: "There was a drop in quality from last Friday, Robson gives attacking threat from crosses in which was missing today, Rudden is isolated & some support is needed I’d like Todorov tried as part of a front 2. Petra had a poor game & should have been subbed earlier."

Allan Simpson: "We were lucky to get the point as we were rotten from start to finish."

Alister Tetsill: "Six point game and we blew it. Story of the season."

Ian Macnab: "Still haven't seen them win this season but to be fair Happy with a draw in the end coyb"

@CraigCru__: "Osman was terrible. Don’t know why McKinnon stuck with Paton and Osman when it wasn’t working. He subbed two of our brightest players and his subs were odd. Draw a fair result."

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Donald Johnston: "Usual slow start! Young McKenna looked nervous and Osman never seems to get out of second gear. I would move Dixon to CH and play Robson LB. Play Paton and McShane central Midfield with 2 up front. Seven games left with 10 points (min) needed!"

William Laing: "Poor display all round. Lost count of how many times we gave the ball away."

Marshall Fleming: "Very poor first half, we were all over the place, no cohesion and giving the ball away to easily, better second half."

Robinson Tommy: "Very poor game by all Falkirk players. No cohesion and just lumped the ball up the park. Passing was terrible. Patrick wanted the game more and we were very lucky."

MATCH REPORT: Falkirk 1 Partick Thistle 1

Jean Yvonne Kirk: "Pity McShane's shot hit the post, most exciting part of the game. Poor game played today."

Christopher Nelson: "Not at the races from the first kick off the ball looked nervous and our passing was honking still a point gained considering the performance."

Iain Docherty: "Both as bad as each other. Falkirk gave away possession too often. But would have been beaten 3 month ago. #COYB."

Keith Young: "Terrible performance but i will take that point after watching it."

David Morrison: "Yet another week with poor Refereeing. No consistency at all."

John Watt: "Unlucky n partick r p**s COYB"