Completing Falkirk Stadium remains on agenda

Falkirk Stadium, Westfield
Falkirk Stadium, Westfield

A fourth stand at Falkirk’s home is still an aim for the Bairns board.

However, despite the club’s excellent financial results, Doug Henderson, the club chairman says it may not happen any time soon.

Instead the Bairns will sit on their cash reserve – detailed to be around £850,000 at last week’s AGM – until the time, they believe is right.

The board will however use a slice of the profit from last year to pay off the artificial playing surface early, and save £45,000 in interest payments.

The chairman said: “Last season’s results are excellent, but that’s not going to happen every season.

“We must spend our resources at the right time and in the right way, by investing in the game for players and the in the Academy.

“ A fourth stand for supporters is something we want to do – at the right place, at the right time and with the right partners.”

Mr Henderson spoke at the AGM of the Bairns, detailing a vast profit achieved last season when the club reached the Scottish Cup final.

He also made a plea to expand the SPFL top division to 16-teams and build in a structured league cup competition.