Change at the juniors, but not at the top

Who is this? He played for  Northern Ireland.
Who is this? He played for Northern Ireland.

Sampling Carmuirs Park was good value for the Benchman, but the change he got is not what he is looking for.

PLUS CA CHANGE?: After all the permutations possible, what do we have? Four leagues as before. Where is the vision, the direction, the courage of convictions? My cynicism was complete the other day when I overheard a well-known figure in football circles say “Supporters? What do they know about football?” Probably a sight more than some current boardroom blazers.

WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS: Saturday without a fix of Falkirk action. Where to go? Alloa v Brechin? Dunfermline v Forfar? Keep it local – Camelon v Kelty Hearts. A very heavy playing surface after a late pitch inspection. Flying tackles, blood, snotters, cards galore and great banter in the crowd. Pie and Bovril? Change from £2. You can’t beat it.

RECORD BREAKER: Frank Lampard broke the Chelsea goal-scoring record of 202 goals held by Bobby Tambling. It makes you feel really old when you tell people you can remember seeing Tambling play. It was just 43 years ago – come on.

PLAY-OFFS: While conceding the play-offs make for great excitement and an extension of the season for the fans, there must be some sympathy for clubs who finish far ahead of their rivals in the season, yet lose in the two games.

THE PARS: Our friends across the Forth are in a bad way. The fans are being asked to bale them out – again.There had been rumours there for a while before it all broke. Few of us realised just how serious it all was.

CHANTS YOU RARELY HEAR NO. 238: To the tune of ‘Guantanamera’ – “One Scott Olumide Durojaiye, there’s only one Scott Olumide Durojaiye , one Scott Olumide Durojaiye, there’s only one Scott Olumide Durojaiye”. Repeat.

TEASER: Who did Falkirk sign from Crystal Palace in 1971 and what was his connection with John Prentice?

LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS: Falkirk signed Archie Aikman from St Mirren. The player shown was the Celtic legend Charlie Tully, who scored direct from a corner kick at Brockville – twice.