Cash from Falkirk business club is just the inner buzz-ness

Peter Houston.
Peter Houston.

Peter Houston has praised local businesses in the district and thanked them for their financial backing.

The Falkirk Business Club has funded an iPad for the manager to work on set-plays with his squad, and also paid for the psychological course ‘The Inner Buzz’ for the first team.

Players meet with Connie McLaughlin each week and Houston says he can see benefit to the eight-week courses.

“We were the guniea pigs and trialled it, and the players enjoyed it and got something from it.

“After that it began to cost and I’ve got to credit the Falkirk business club for funding the past 16-weeks for the players.

“Most of them take part and there’s a real togetherness in the squad.

“They were in Dublin at the weekend and other clubs were there.

“Those squads splintered into their own groups and went their separate ways, but apparently our guys stuck together as one – that’s unusual – but shows the spirit and unity between them.”