Broomfield and Brockville were diamonds in the rough

Can you identify this Scottish footballing legend?
Can you identify this Scottish footballing legend?
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The Benchman makes the step into the SPL after Falkirk’s game fell foul of the weather.

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC: That was a scene from the Falkirk v. Celtic cup tie in 1953 when Celtic won 3-2 . Jimmy Delaney is seen coming off and being congratulated by his former fans. The tie was Brockville’s record attendance at 23,100 and there were serious injuries when crush barriers collapsed. This week’s challenge: Who is this player?

CUP DRAW: So it’s Forfar at home on the week-end of February 2/3. That brings back memories -and painful ones at that. Forfar 2 Falkirk 1 in 1984/85 season was hard to take. The brilliant bridies were scant consolation for that defeat. That day a crowd of 2,165 packed Station Park and the only cheer was a last minute goal from Jimmy Gilmour. The Bairns team was George Watson, Andy Nicol, John McCormack, Bryan Purdie, Brian Irvine, Jim Dempsey, Bobby McCulley, Crawford Baptie, Peter Houston, Gerry McCoy, Jimmy Gilmour. Subs were Peter Hetherston and Alan Irvine. This is the fifth time we have drawn Forfar and it is our first home tie.

AIRDRIE NOW AND THEN: I wasn’t too sorry to have missed another trip to Airdrie. I remember an old referee saying the two grounds he dreaded visiting were Brockville and Broomfield. The crowd were right on top of you, the atmosphere was hostile and the main stand were baying for blood. Changed days. The Falkirk Stadium and Shyberry can’t hold a candle to the their predecessors. Grey, cold, soul-less and lacking in atmosphere. An Airdrie v. Falkirk match was one to savour. Who can ever forget that Sammy McGivern hat-trick?

SIC TRANSIT GLORIA?: There we were. Five to three and Aberdeen fans heading into the away stand. Shouting, singing and looking forward to the action. A tall figure, collar turned up against the winter chill walks past them. Not one recognition. Not one acknowledgement. Yet this was one of their heroes. Billy Stark took his seat in the stand and not one of his former fans seemed to recognise him.

TEASER: Which Falkirk defender was known as The Count?

LAST WEEK’S TEASER: Alex Ferguson played for six Senior Scottish clubs. In terms of appearances, his top three clubs were 1.Falkirk 2. Dunfermline 3. Rangers.

BEST LAUGH OF THE DAY: The Tynecastle announcer read out the half-time scores. “Sunderland 0 Chelsea 2. Chelsea are going for their third consecutive game without sacking their manager. Very funny.

(Hearts v.Aberdeen)

Match rating: 8

Hearts rating: 7

Aberdeen rating:6

Referee: Norris 7

Man of the Match: Darren Barr (Hearts)