BENCHMAN: What’s Gaelic for ‘We’re Blue, We’re White’?

Who is this?
Who is this?

What did BBC Alba viewers make of the 1000-plus travelling support at Stark’s Park on Saturday?


You can imagine the hurt of the 500 or so staff at Villa Park as the inevitable redundancies kick in. They are losing their jobs through no fault of their own, while a guy earning £2.75m a year drives around in his white Lamborghini and has been a known source of discontent in the dressing-room for years now. Add to that pictures of him smoking a shisha pipe in Dubai on a wee break and you can see why the supporters shake their heads in disbelief.


The media continue their obsession with the so-called Big Two in our league. Conspiracy theorists were having a field day. Everyone wants/needs Hibs back “where they belong” and some fear that once that is achieved, any pressure for a bigger top league will vanish like the proverbial snow off the dyke. Two Championship clubs in the Scottish Cup Final. Where’s your gap, now? We hear that the managers themselves in the top flight would welcome a bigger league (including Mark Warburton) and play teams twice a season. As the old folk song said- When Will They Ever Learn?


The real impact of Scotland’s absence from the top table of European Football came for many with the publication of the Panini sticker album for Euro 2016. No Scotland page. No Scotland stickers. A quick trip to the loft unearthed the old sticker albums from World Cup 1974 onwards. Nostalgia in spades. Will we ever see a Scotland page again?


What a great support that was at Kirkcaldy, even though they had to survive a few scares. The sheer joy when Bob McHugh equalised was worth every penny of the discounted admission price. What does “We’re Blue, We’re White..” sound like in Gaelic?


Well that was some way to earn a draw bonus. Strip off. Come on. Score goal. Substituted. And all that within eight minutes of the start. Raith’s Joel Thomas had an easy afternoon’s work. And he got to keep warm as well.


BBC ALBA cameras were there, so we needed a bit of a “display”, but the half dozen kids with flags wasn’t exactly pushing the boat out. It wasn’t a great spectacle anyway, but it must have drawn a bigger audience than the FA Cup semi-final between United and Everton.


Last week’s mystery pic was Sammy Wilson and Everton signed Eddie O’Hara along with Alex Parker. Can you name this week’s?


From which club did Falkirk sign Jim Harrower?


Sad to hear of the passing of former keeper Dennis Devlin at the age of 68. Dennis joined from Morton and after finishing playing, had a long career with the Lothians and Border Fire Service. All Falkirk fans would like to extend sympathy to his daughter Leanne and the rest of the Devlin family.


Match rating: 7

Team rating: 7

Opposition: 7

Referee: Madden 4

Best Bairn: Craig Sibbald