Benchman: Unenviable record holders at Stark’s Park

Which team is this and what's the local connection?
Which team is this and what's the local connection?

Another defeat at Stark’s Park was witnessed by The Benchman

NOT EXTRA TIME, PLEASE: Another tough one at the home of the Rovers won’t be remembered as one of the all-time greatest Falkirk matches, but we should be grateful for small mercies. At one time, we feared the worst- extra time. Let’s wipe it from the memory banks.

SCOTLAND- WHERE NEXT?:In the immortal words of David Francie: “Oh dearie, dearie me.” What happened to the land that produced world-class stars like Law and Baxter. Where did it all go wrong? Enquiries, committees, reports, masterplans, coaches, coaches of coaches, charts, diagrams. We have had every excuse possible and the search for scapegoats will continue. Reasons for our decline? Coaches, philosophy, diet, lifestyle, expectations, school sport, managers, directors. Look at Scottish football in the era of the SPL and you find it all. Money, money, money.

SUB PLOT: Luke Leahy (GK) - surely some mistake? What was that all about? If Graham Bowman had been injured, would he have gone in goals? 

RECORD BREAKER: Sitting in front of us in the press box was Falkirk’s most expensive player ever - Derek Ferguson. Now with BBC Radio Scotland, he was signed from Sunderland for a fee reported to be £325,000 in 1995 and started a total of 40 games. In his autobiography he was not too charitable about his time at Brockville.

BUS PARKING: A crowd of just over 1500 and the police insist on parking buses far away in Beveridge Park? It is a real trek for older fans and there are many who won’t make the trip again in a hurry. There is surely space for four buses nearer the ground. Or what about a pick up at the away end after the home crowd have gone?

THE WARRIORS: Biggest cheer of the day came on the bus back from Kirkcaldy when the penalty shoot-out at Dens Park took place. Ex-Warriors players Bobby Tasker and Gibby Peddie led the cheering. Good luck to them.

ANSWERS: The mystery player was Denis Law and the first captain to be sent off was Walter Kidd of Hearts.

TEASER: Which team took five FA Cup ties to see off Sheffield Wednesday in the 1979 competition?

BENCHMARKS (Raith): Match: 5 Team: 5 
Opposition: 6 Ref: 4 Best Bairn: Will Vaulks