Benchman: Too many men to choose from

Ralph Brand pic for Benchman
Ralph Brand pic for Benchman

Picking a stand-out performance from Falkirk’s 6-0 win over Cowdenbeath was tricky for The Benchman’s usually acerbic eye.

HIT FOR SIX: Well did you see that one coming? Six goals and six different scorers- not a bad day’s work and a complete contrast from the drab performance down in Dumfries. Cowdenbeath were lucky to get off with six. 

MEN OF THE MATCH: The press pack were undecided as to the identity of the Man of the Match. The sponsors chose Will Vaulks, but some of the journalists and radio commentators went for David Smith and Alex Cooper. What a difference to actually have options.

THE LAST TIME: We were wondering when The Bairns last hit six in a League match. It was back in August 2002 and Falkirk hit Alloa for six at Recreation Park with goals from Andy Laurie(2), Collin 
Samuel (2), Owen Coyle and Craig McPherson.The line up was as follows: Ferguson, Laurie, McQuilken, Mackenzie, Hughes, James, Henry, L.Miller, Coyle, McPherson, Tosh. Coming off the bench were Samuel, Christie and Kerr. Now 12 years on - how many are still playing?

ANSWERS: The Shinty player was Duncan Shearer. The Bairn who emigrated to New Zealand and represented his adopted country was Bert Ormond.

TEASER: Who scored Falkirk’s last goal of season 2013/2014?

SOUTH COAST SIZZLERS: What is in the water down in the Solent area? Last week we had Southampton putting eight past Sunderland, and this week we have neighbours Bournemouth rattling in eight against a hapless Birmingham City side. Whoever Portsmouth are playing next week had better look out.

BOTH SIDES NOW: As the papers built up all the hype around the Edinburgh derby, I was left to reflect on the experiences of several of the older supporters we meet in the Football Memories groups. In the days when away travel was outwith the reach of many working-class fans, they used to go to both clubs in their city. Many went to watch Hearts one week and Hibs the next. This also happened in Dundee, but not, I suspect, in Glasgow.FAMILIAR FACE: There was something about the photographer who had taken the brilliant pictures for the Carnoustie Golf calendar. The hair was white and the man wore glasses, but it was definitely him. We were introduced and I said,”Last time I saw you was at Brockville in season 1976/77.” It was none other than Donald Ford who had played under George Miller in the ill-fated Centenary Season. We had a good chat about those days and the characters who were around then. 

SPECIAL EDITION: Editor Gordon McFarlane has plans for a special edition of the club programme for the forthcoming game against Hearts. It will feature the McCrae’s Battalion players and the impact of the war on Falkirk. The club will be represented as usual at the Haymarket ceremony on Remembrance Sunday, when wreaths are placed in memory of the men who lost their lives.

Match rating: 9
Team rating: 8
Opposition: 6
Referee: McLean 7
Man of the Match: David Smith