BENCHMAN: Mrs A and the managerial merry-go-round

Who are these three players?
Who are these three players?

The Benchman wonders what Mrs Advocaat made of Dick’s decision to return to Sunderland.

QATAR: What will we learn by playing Qatar? There are approximately 278,000 Qataris with the rest of their population made up by expatriates. Why don’t we just play Aberdeen- they have 228,000 people and you could add in Ellon, Inverurie, Banchory and Stonehaven to make up the numbers.What are we doing playing teams like this? What could we possible gain? Oh, yes. I see. Sorry. 

IT’S A DISGRACE! Falkirk were only third in the league and Alloa and Dumbarton were ahead of them. We’ll be lucky to get a play-off place. Just as the keyboard warriors were about to slag off the directors and the manager, someone pointed out that the Sports Editor had printed the tables in alphabetical order - before a ball was kicked. 

WHATEVER NEXT? Friday - Let’s go FIFA. Tuesday – I’m letting go FIFA. Talk about chicken coming home to roost? The stories coming out from Messrs. Blazer and Warner will be the talk of the steamie. Who took what, from whom, and for what purpose. The FBI won’t miss them. Surely they won’t give the World Cup to the USA instead?

THE HEALTHY APPROACH? Watford can add a new dimension to the NHS “Five a Day” campaign for healthy eating. They have just appointed their fifth manager of the season and they won’t need a new sign on the revolving door. Stability. Continuity. Loyalty. New manager - part of your “Five a Season” diet. TEASER: From which club did Falkirk sign Wilson Hoggan?

ANSWERS: Last week’s family photo featured John White at the top and brother Eddie on the right. Willie Whigham was transferred to Middlesbrough. 

YOU TURN IF YOU WANT TO: What a surprise that was. Dick turned again and decided to stay with Sunderland. What Mrs A. made of it all is open to debate. The conversation might have gone along these lines -It’s only a year, dear and I’ll be well rewarded. I’ll be back in May 2016. If you complain, I’ll make you come with me. Off you go, Dick.

MERRY-GO-ROUND: I’ll be interested to see how Steve Aitken does at Dumbarton after an impressive stint at Stranraer. The Wigtownshire club punched well above their weight and Aitken was very much a manager in demand. Ex-Bairn Brian Reid comes in at Stair Park and has a hard act to follow.

THE EMERALD ISLE: It’s not quite the Europa League qualifying stages, but it is a trip “overseas” nevertheless. Games with Athlone and Drogheda will make a nice break for Bairns fans starved of football. We played Drogheda in July 1998 and won 1-0. Athlone is a first.

NOT THE END: I hope all those leaving the club will take comfort from the several “frees” who went on to prove their clubs wrong. The late Bobby Robinson was the classic example. Shown the door at Brockville, he went on to Dundee and won four full Scotland caps.