BENCHMAN: Many went to Somerset, who needs to go to Specsavers?

Mystery Picture: Who has just scored here?
Mystery Picture: Who has just scored here?

Well done the travelling Bairns who defied the predictions and roared the team on.


It’s a long time since a kick-off was delayed to accommodate the visiting Falkirk supporters. The following at Somerset Park was an indication of what Falkirk would bring to the top flight, especially when you look at the travelling support for some of the clubs in the so-called top flight. A successful Bairns side will always be well supported and whoever estimated an away support of 400 should have gone to Specsavers.


Falkirk have admittedly played more games, but if they could beat Morton and Hibs, it would make the run-in incredibly interesting and see nails being bitten to the quick down Leith way. Putting a good run together is crucial, as there will be points dropped at unlikely venues by the more fancied sides. Well done, guys.


Well done to Lincoln City for a brave run and bringing a bit of romance back into the FA Cup. It was brilliant that they asked for a brush and a Hoover to tidy up the away dressing- room and leave it as they had found it. That stands out in sharp contrast to many (most) away teams that leave behind a mountain of discarded tape, empty water bottles, bandages and all sorts of debris.


A man under extreme pressure -with some angry fans demanding his resignation. Considerable achievements ignored. Yet this guy finds time to give two young managers of a non-league side 90 minutes of his time, assessing their team’s strengths and weaknesses (at their request), providing helpful advice and sharing some of his considerable experience within the game. Arsene Wenger saw fit to do this with the Lincoln City management team, when he could so easily have offered a glass of beer, made his excuses and left. Class.


Last week’s mystery man was Willie Fernie.


What was John White’s first Senior club?


Match rating: 8

Team rating: 8

Opposition: 7

Referee: McLean 4

Best Bairn: Gasparotto