Bairns need support for the play-offs, not scapegoats

Mark Kerr's substitution provoked a reaction. Picture by Michael Gillen.
Mark Kerr's substitution provoked a reaction. Picture by Michael Gillen.

Peter Houston agrees Falkirk are not firing on all cylinders, but has appealed for more support from the stands ahead of the play-off crunch.

The Bairns head to Dunfermline on Saturday and are expected to take a typically sizeable away support.

But the team manager is seeking more support for the squad as they look to secure second place and another crack at the promotion play-offs this season.

“The players are working extremely hard but the retention of the ball is not as good as it has been,” admitted the boss. “Hard-work hides a multitude of sins, and our guys gave us that. I won’t blame them for the effort and attitude to win and maybe they can be trying too hard and losing focus of passing the ball.

“But then the home fans are looking for scapegoats. That’s disappointing for me.

Yeah we’re at home and should be lifting them, but maybe sometimes with what the team has done over the past few years we need them to help us along and [the support] wasn’t as good as it normally is.”

Mark Kerr’s substitution was met with sarcastic cheers from the Bairns support and Houston rallied round the midfielder, as he did with the rest of the team.

“There comes periods and spells in a team’s history when someone is picked out and I’m very disappointed. Mark Kerr in my period has been sensational,” Houston told The Falkirk Herald.

“Mark was the captain on Saturday. He’s not on top of his game – he’d admit that too. But think of all the games he’s played in two and a half years – there’s been more good than bad. I see things which maybe others don’t and that’s why Mark is in my team.

“The fans themselves voted Mark their player of the year. You don’t just become a bad player overnight. Admittedly he’s played better, but is there anyone who covers more ground than he does?

“His form could be and should be better but he’ll never hide. But it’s times like this he could do with some support.”

Falkirk have outlined ticketing procedures after qualifying for the play-offs. A season ticket holders’ priority sale – with the option to buy 10 additional seats –will be held before each general sale. The public sale will be cash only and held in the South Stand.