Alloa 1 Falkirk 2: Fans views

More than 1500 Bairns made the trip. Picture Michael Gillen.
More than 1500 Bairns made the trip. Picture Michael Gillen.

Here’s what you had to say after yesterday’s 2-1 win for Falkirk that lifted them out of the relegation zone.

@McGFFC: “Turnout from the fans was simply fantastic considering it was a 8th v 10th match. Thought we really dug deep today and were well worthy of our win.”

The Falkirk fans were sent home happy. Picture Michael Gillen.

The Falkirk fans were sent home happy. Picture Michael Gillen.

@UncleBairn: “A hard fought and vital victory. Job done, in horrible conditions and on a pitch the size of a pizza box. Onwards and upwards.”

David Morrison: “Imagine if we had recruited Ray instead of Hartley!? A massive three points for us, well done Bairns.”

IN QUOTES: Alloa 1 Falkirk 2

John Fairley: “The strong west wind spoiled the game and made it farcical at times but job done and there points in the bag. COYB”

@StewartBaillie: “Love the asst manager celebrations, seems one of the boys.”

Gordon Robertson: “Great win on half a pitch. McKenna is a class act along with Paton & Dixon. Loving Saturday’s again COYB”

Robert Smith: “Wasn’t the best performance but it was about getting the points that counted today. Pitch dimensions didn’t help the football match at all today.”

Connor Brown: “Great performance. little nervy at times but they stuck well together. Rudden ran his socks off deserved a goal. COYB”

Jean Yvonne Kirk: “We actually have a team now, well worked by all.”

AS IT HAPPENED: Alloa 1 Falkirk 2

William Laing: “Paul Paton man of the match.”

Dawn Smillie: “The team worked well together and a great result for the fans. Superb support today.”

@Ryan_Calum1876: “Fantastic turnout again from the Bairns support. The team put in a professional performance in horrible conditions. The Bairns are on the up!”

@Alibalibeebrown: “Great support today despite that wind!! Well worth it though, just thawed out now! On our way up.”

Marshall Fleming: “Difficult conditions today to play slick football, but the guys did well as a unit to get the result we needed. Could have had more goals with the chances we had.”

PLAYER VIEWS: Alloa 1 Falkirk 2

@Paultrevmiller: “Good day all around.”

Grant Elliot: “50/50 in the first half but better second and really should have won by two or three more goals. Deserved the win and now only one point and place behind Dunfermline.”

@smitfa01: “Hard watch first half, much better second, hard fought win, terrific away support again.”

Jim Wallace: “Results what matter at this time.Need to push midfield a little higher to support Rudden.”

Christopher Nelson: “Hard conditions to get the ball down and play second half came out the traps flying creating plenty off chances should won by more but a vital three points COYB”

MATCH REPORT: Alloa 1 Falkirk 2

Keith Kleinman: “Well played the team up up and away starting to play well as a team.”

Gordon Mccall: “It wasn’t pretty but a job was done.”

Tom Mayes: “On the up COYB.”

Stuart Penman: “I can enjoy my Saturday night now.”

Chris Hynd: “First half was patchy, much better 2nd half. Great result and a great day out with my wee boy!”

Stephen Johnston: “ Job done.”