A different afternoon with the bairns

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Family commitments mean The Benchman is reduced to following Falkirk on Sky

BIG DEBATE: There was a real argument in The Wheatsheaf last week over who the last Falkirk keeper to play for his country was. Some went back to Bert Slater who played for Scotland in an unofficial game against a Jutland XI, but the correct answer was actually Josh Wagenaar of Canada. Starky’s attempt to have his relative Tom Ferguson given as the answer was commendable if misguided.

ILL-INFORMED?: BBC Radio Scotland’s Open All Mics is a great example of fans with microphones. Shouts, comments, interruptions and speculation make a heady brew. What if Rangers go bust? Falkirk will come up says one. No says another. There will be no relegation of the bottom club.

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC:The photo was an old Raith Rovers line up and you might have recognised Harry Colville standing second from the right in the back row.

QUERY CORNER: Q. Did Falkirk ever play against the Polish Army at Brockville and a Falkirk player scored a hat-trick of penalties? A. Almost. Falkirk won the game 3-2, having been down 2-1 at half-time. Jock Henderson scored all three goals, but only two were penalties.

LAST WEEK’S TEASER: The ex-Bairn making his debut against Bolton for Ipswich was Dougie Moran. Dougie was signed by Alf Ramsey and became a big favourite at Portman Road.

GREETINGS IN GOVAN: Who said it’s only a game? The Ibrox melt-down has taken up more column inches in some of the tabloids than the Eurozone Crisis, Syria, hurricanes, the independence referendum and murder trials combined.

MYSTERY PIC: Can you pick out a famous Falkirk legend in this RAF Hereford line-up?

TEASER: Which former Falkirk player was given a testimonial when his two senior clubs combined against a Scotland XI - the first time the national team had ever played in such a game?

TAKING A LOAN OF: Have to agree with Falkirk manager Steven Pressley about the farce of loan signings outside of the transfer window. Why have a limited amount of time to sign players and then allow teams to bring in players outside of that period? Raith Rovers sign two players on loan from Hearts on Friday March 2nd. Next day, they get their best result of the season with a demolition of Morton.


Match rating: 8

Team rating:7


Referee: McKendrick 5

Best Bairn: Kieran Duffie