Falkirk 3 Ross County 2: Your views

Falkirk fans vs Ross County. Picture Michael Gillen.
Falkirk fans vs Ross County. Picture Michael Gillen.

Here's a selection of what you had to say on social media following Saturday's game, and Falkirk's relegation.

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@CarolPa01817666: "We played our hearts out. Just gutted they're down. We will bounce back though."

Falkirk fans vs Ross County. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Falkirk fans vs Ross County. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Ross Kaszta: "Other than the relegation, the performance on the park was one of passion and desire to win the game and has to make you wonder why Lavery hasn't had a chance all season, he came on and changed the game with his pace and vision for a pass."

Dougy Manson: "We did what we had to do and win but when you're waiting on other results going your way it doesn't always work. Damage was done in the other 35 games." [edited]

Wilson Mccall: "Was to be expected but hopefully it will be a good thing and we will all get behind the club and onwards and upwards."

Daryl Mullen: "Poor decisions at the board level finally filtered their way down to the playing field. Board have to go as it’s been a complete disaster, we won’t bounce back up either. Tough times."

Falkirk fans vs Ross County. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Falkirk fans vs Ross County. Picture: Michael Gillen.

@GavinClarke5790: "Too little to late, should never have been in this position, I blame the board for poor decision making, I fear Falkirk May struggle next season, unless they get people in who are passionate about FFC

XAllie XOliver: "Probably our second best game of the season. Most played with heart and the fight that has been so badly missing. Lavery was the game changer. He intercepted and fought for every ball. Pity he didn't get more first team chances. The club needs to follow Ross County's example of this season - pay a decent wage, get good, hard working players who'll put everything into their games and turn our club around with a quick turn."

@HowdenJohn: "Bring back Houston, start the academy again and get rid of the board."

Keith Kleinman: "Why did they not play attacking football all season?"

Falkirk fans vs Ross County. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Falkirk fans vs Ross County. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Alister Tetsill: "It's been torture to watch all season and we got tortured right until the last second of the season."

@BairnTilliDie: "Great Performance, Only makes you start kicking yourself about the home performances vs bottom six this season."

Jean Yvonne Kirk: "Best game of the season, ref could have done better, thought he was colour blind!"

Neilly Mackay: "I thought we showed real guts yesterday in trying circumstances but where was that desire for the rest of the season?"

@SlipsTips: "Too little too little late. A more adventurous manager would have saved us from relegation by winning more home games."

William Anderson: "If the players had shown the same desire at home to Morton as they did against County we would have survived."

@lindahogg8: "Too little too late. Had McKinnon put out a more attacking team previously we may have been safe. However this mess firmly lands at the chairman & CEO’s door the damage they have done to this club is unforgivable if they don’t resign they clearly have no shame." Raymond Setchfield: "Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Martin Wilson: "Shampoo." [edited]

@Phil201312: "Bring back Peter Houston."

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Grant Elliot: "Too little too late but the boys showed they could have stayed if they had just been a bit more positive and some put more effort in. Blame lies solely with the board. Get rid of the board, rebuild and get this club back to where they belong."

Andrew Davies: "Result was predictable. Expect the unexpected...board out. Reinstate the youth team/academy. Need to rest and then build with a 5 yr plan. But is McKinnon the man? Not sure..."

@mjh1876: "Too little, too late. If the manager and team had shown a little more of that during the last few months, we’d have been safe. Board and Chief Exec are culpable for our calamitous season. We will never forgive them."

Andy Carruthers: "Both my partner and I come up from Wigan to watch the Bairns play as often as we can love the club and will continue to come up next season. Great win yesterday sadly wasn’t enough to stay in the championship however looking forward to next season and promotion back into the championship."

@Sxm1876: "Fantastic effort for the last game of the season, just couldn’t see why that’s not been happening throughout the season."

@bodge1876: "Worst shower to wear the navy blue in 40 years with a small few exceptions who are sadly all loan players. Rip it up and start again."

lan Bennie: "Cannot wait for the BOD to tell us what type of sandwiches for the Boardroom next season, imagine just Tuna, no salmon."

Antonio Woodsieony: "Too little too late."

UncleBairn: "The league table doesn't lie. We couldn't finish above a team who have Monday to Friday jobs. We deserve to go down."

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Charli Henderson: "I’m in dismay to be honest. They scrapped a successful and brilliant youth system to ‘invest’ in the first team and for what???? Feel so sorry for the Falkirk fans!"

David Kilgour: "If they had won the games they lost, they would have finished further up the league! Could even have won it!"

James McSporran: "An absolute first class effort all season from all concerned. From the board through to each hard working player. I would love to be saying that but it's a lie. A falsehood, the total opposite of what has happened. 'They killed Falkirk', to paraphrase a certain tv programme."

Lewis Cullen: "Great performance, pity it's all to late

@1876monkey: "Years of poor management has brought us to where we are today."

@dylgaming: "The afternoon was ok. Game only got better when Lavery came on. Not sure why he hasn’t had a chance all season, looked 10 times better and well more up for it than the rest. However today’s game didn’t matter as we have still been relegated thanks to our B.O.D."

Keith Kleinman: "The worst result was against Alloa if we had played like we did on Saturday we would have been in different positions."

Christopher Nelson: "This club needs ripped out from top to bottom we want our club back."

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