Falkirk 2-1 Montrose: Fans’ views

Here’s what you’ve been saying on social media after Falkirk’s narrow 2-1 win over Montrose at the weekend.

By Craig Turnbull
Monday, 19th August 2019, 4:18 pm
Falkirk fans have their say
Falkirk fans have their say

Grant Elliot: “Dominated the game but the fact is we were too slow, gave the ball away to often, got a lucky first goal a defender nowhere near Sammon and a fluke for a winner. Not a great game with poor officials and Montrose wasted time as often as they could to disrupt the game and help increase their chances of a getting a result from the game.

Arthur Thom: Hard going. Too many players not at their best against a team who were in our faces. Going to be a lot of games like that this season. Thought match officials were poor.

Michael Davies: Fluke of a goal but a great score Conor Sammon my man of the match

Frank Kleiner I’ll take it ..a win’s a win.

Grant Heaney: An ugly and fortuitous victory. I was disappointed but not surprised to see McKinnon revert back to his customary cautious tactics.

Andy Carruthers: There’s never any easy games no matter what league you play in. Yes we want to go through the season unbeaten, winning 5-0 every time no injuries, no suspensions, win the league by January. Will that happen, not a chance. We have a good solid squad for this league, we should be able to get out of this league, but like the gaffer says we need to be patient. Yes, we expect after last season let’s keep calm and carry on.

Jamie Howie Robertson: Only reason it was tough is because they made it tough for themselves the way they were playing slow build up and no cutting edge. if it wasn’t for Sammon they would’ve have come away with a point.