Falkirk 0 Clyde 1: Fans views pt 2

Here's more of what you said on social media after yesterday's match

Sunday, 27th October 2019, 10:55 am
Ray McKinnon. Picture: Michael Gillen.

@Bollweevilblu3s: "Players unable to do simple things like control the ball or string two passes together. Subs making jokes with a player about to take a corner hints at a lack of discipline in this team. Clyde were hungrier. Zero quality from us today. Some players looked disinterested."

@Ryan_H_96: "The only bogey team we have is ourselves! Brutal"

Robert Fleming: "Clyde deserved their victory. Only Doyle passed muster and played with the pride and fight expected of wearing the navy blue. I just don't know where we're going."

Falkirk fans. Picture: Michael Gillen

@SlipsTips: "Outplayed at home by a part-time team who fully deserved their win. McKinnon's appointment is increasingly looking like the worst of countless bad decisions made by the baord in recent years. Act now before it's too late."

@steelyffc: "Manager is out his depth even at this level. First half totally unacceptable. Let's not forget the MSG/BOD's role in taking us to where we are."

@MarkMuirhead4: "Very poor, always seems to be one step forward, two back, tactics non existent. Time for change."

@BlackadderColin: "We were horrendous and its crystal clear McKinnon is woefully out of his depth and needs to go."

Brian Connolly: "Not exactly gave himself much options in subs cause of signing certain players like Tidser or Maclean how many goals they scored again. thats right zero hope its ta ta for them in January. And McKinnon needs to get this team playing or simply walk away. throwing away a two-goal lead at raith. Two defeats to clyde etc its just not goos enough in this league we play other teams hoping the teams above us make a mistake its totally backwards......kinda like last season at opposite end of table we had a cracking game against county at last game of the season an the team played there hearts out but waited till the end hoping Alloa would make a mess of it. Backwards thinking."

Caĺlum Wilson: "The worst game I’ve seen as a Falkirk fan"

@KevinAn21088288: "First Clyde was the better team by far this board plus McKinnon haven't a clue last two years have been the worst set of players that I have see in years. No chance of winning the league."

John Fairley: "The whole attitude to playing in this league has to change there are no easy games and just turning up doesn’t cut it."

Dawn Smillie: "I felt the players came out with lead boots on and couldn’t be bothered attitude. Need to do better if we are going to win this league!"

Arthur Thom: "Totally unacceptable. Mckinnon cannot motivate the players any more. He cannot change the team if thins are not working. I am afraid it's time to go. I hope Jack Ross is still available when Mark Campbell takes over."

David Avery: "No fight, no passion, FACT."

John McInally: "Lucky not to lose by more. Over run in midfield throughout."

Christopher Nelson: "That performance was unacceptable McKinnon's already walking a thin line anymore like that he has to be punted."

@RyanCalum76: "McKinnon must go. We will not will the league with him in charge. Players must start taking responsibility as well and fixing this. It’s an embarrassing state of affairs at the moment."

Paul Smith: "Not good enough for our club, not the first time I have said this. Management team please do the decent thing and walk away.

Mike Miller: "If McKinnon was paid by results he would need to get a second job stacking shelves as his style of football management is very, very poor. This guy said we would be top of this league of near part timers by Xmas and just look at our performances. Training sessions must be a joke as all we do is punt the ball up the park to nobody in particular and so many times today our attempts at passing went to the opposition. On current form we have little chance of promotion and think McKinnon stays in his job only because of the shambles ongoing in our boardroom! Time for change from top to bottom before it's too late!"

Richard Duncan: "Thoroughly enjoyed it I must say, worth mentioning that the disallowed Clyde goal was not offside as the photos and videos show."