Falkirk 0 Clyde 1: Fans views pt 1

Here's a selection of what you had to say on social media after yesterday's game.

Sunday, 27th October 2019, 10:45 am
More than 4000 watched the Bully Wee's victory

There have been so many usable comments submitted, we've split 'Your Views' into two parts.

Lewis Cullen: "Unacceptable at this level, end of story."

Raymond Setchfield: "Could have played all day and not scored. Didn’t take our chances when we did. Watched Clyde mark our players very tightly throughout the game. Don’t understand the substitution of Longridge. Can’t take away from the Clyde goal. It was a good one."

Ray McKinnon has attracted criticism from his side's supporters. Picture: Michael Gillen

@daviecowan: "Complete shambles."

XAllie XOliver: "Extremely poor performance. When you look at the experience in our front three how can no one score? Defense looked very shaky at times and I lost count of how many occasions a ball was cleared to a white shirt. The team can't seem to hold the ball for any length of time either. The substitution should have been done much earlier, when it was clear that the tactics weren't working. Unless longridge was injured, it shouldn't have been him either. He McKinnon so scared of injuries, we can only do subs in the last 15 mins? Gomis and Doyle put shifts in again. The rest - MUST do better!

Gordon Robertson: "Time to go Raymondo, the substitution was the final straw. Both who it was and how long it takes. These are part time teams we are playing and we are second to nearly everything. Just go!"

Marshall Fleming: "We should never get beaten by a part time team, poor performance backed up with lack of leadership from the dugout."

Jean Yvonne Kirk: "Painful to watch today! Baffled by the sub of Longridge."

Graeme Leishman: "Total embarrassment."

Ryan Hay: "It's there for all to see , simply not good enough .

"Last week papered over the cracks scoring four flattered us, completely baffled at subbing Longridge when McManus wasn't even in the game out on the left, we are so predictable, and slow to go with it , we can't string passes together.

"McKinnon looked lost standing in the dugout, arms crossed as the game slipped away, big change is needed if we are going to win this league."

Grant Elliot: "Poor performance and not acceptable. Should never be losing at home to a part time but Clyde deserved the win. Even if we do get promoted Mckinnon ain't the man to get us back up to the Premiership."

Fraser Baillie: "Only three points off sixth place, Ray needs to go

Keith Kleinman: "This performance was terrible substitution was the last straw took of the player that was trying to put in a,shift and to many long balls up the middle McKinnon must go now."

Steven Gibson: "Absolute dug meat! Simples."

@FFCGAV: "Wasn’t there and still know it was sh!+e"

Gordon Mccall: "Was expecting a response at half time but to no avail."

@liammcewen_dj: "Not been very many good days at the Falkirk office lately!!"

@dougymanson: "Poor from the word go and unfortunately McKinnon does not seem to have a plan b when plan a does not work."

@homers_twin: "McKinnon must go, tactically inept, ineffective training and coaching and hasn’t a clue how to use subs or change games."

Alan Bennie: "Ray has to take his responsibility for his players!"

@craigblackphoto: "Clyde were deserved winners over the piece. Didn’t let themselves be bullied today and were unlucky not to be ahead at the break thanks to a wonder save from Bell.

Happy Gypsy Army this weekend."