EXCLUSIVE: Former Camelon captain and coach Eamon Fullerton speaks out on difficult decision to step away from Mariners

Eamon Fullerton (right) with former Camelon manager Gordon HerdEamon Fullerton (right) with former Camelon manager Gordon Herd
Eamon Fullerton (right) with former Camelon manager Gordon Herd

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Former Camelon Juniors first team coach Eamon Fullerton has described how stepping down from his position at The Mariners was one of the toughest choices of his career but one he felt had had no other choice but to make.

Following the departure of Manager Gordon Herd and coach John Miller last week and the subsequent allegations that have come to light via social media channels, Fullerton was one of a number of staff members to step down from their role.

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Fellow coach Ali Jenkins and physio Emma Harper also left their positions following the dismissals of Herd and Miller, as did under-20s coach Sean Roycroft and kitman Cameron Shanks.

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Yesterday, the club’s players released a statement via the “Mighty Mariners” Facebook page saying the have no confidence in the current committee.

Fullerton, who has been with the club over 12 years as a player, first team captain and coach, told The Falkirk Herald he felt he had no choice but to step down from his role due to the committee’s handling of the allegations and in support of Herd and Miller.

He said: “I’ve been with the club over a decade as a player and assistant manger, I love the place.

"It was a difficult decision but I felt so strongly that it was one I had to make, not only that but it was about showing loyalty to Gordon and John.

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"It's a horrible situation but from what I've seen there has been wrongdoings which have not been dealt with in a way I was satisfied by so I walked.

"It's just a big mess at the moment, the way Gary is putting it across he is just following procedure but I feel he has been misguided.

"It could all have been resolved if the person these accusations have been made against were suspended but the failure to do that is where this has all broken down.”

Despite leaving the club on bad terms, Fullerton still hopes for the best for Camelon Juniors FC and the players but accepts he cannot return under the current leadership.

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"The main thing for me is to try and protect the players, we've brought guys in and progressed them and made them better players and walking away from them has been the hardest part.

"It’s a young team there which will progress and it's a shame it has come to this but I wouldn't entertain the idea of going back to the club under the committee that's running it at the moment.”

In an statement released on the club's website yesterday, chairman Gary Clark said: “Since these allegations had been brought to me and other committee members three weeks ago by the management team, they have been taken seriously and investigated.

"The appropriate authorities were called to help with the investigation and this has all been documented by the club.

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"The club has dealt with these allegations over the last three weeks in what we think has been the best way to do things to get the truth for all parties.”

The Falkirk Herald approached Police Scotland for comment on the ongoing investigation.

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