Sweet taste of Shire’s success

East Stirlingshire V Montrose, Nov 22nd 2014.
East Stirlingshire V Montrose, Nov 22nd 2014.

East Stirlingshire’s players are starting to get a taste for winning games, and they like it according to coach Craig Tully.

It’s a far cry from the start of the month when Shire were sent crashing to the bottom of the league after four successive defeats. Tully believes a combination of key players returning from injury and a sense of pride has been the reason for the mini-recovery.

“There’s no doubt getting guys like Chris Townsley and Max Wright in the team has made a huge difference,” he said. “We went through a ropey spell but we had a huge injury list and we were asking young boys to do a mans’ job. They have learned but we still need experienced players on the pitch.

“But, over and above that, I think some players have taken a good look at themselves and upped their performance levels. We brought in young Luke Donnelly on loan from Celtic and we won’t be slow in bringing in fresh faces if we think they’re not cutting it,” he said.

Neil McCabe missed a large portion of the season but is now indispensable and Graeme MacGregor is relishing his role too. Tully says much of the transformation over the past couple of weeks is about personal pride.

“We asked them if they were happy just turning up every week, getting beat and ending up bottom of the league? They need to care if they want to be here, they need to show a desire for themselves and for their team mates. They have done that over the last couple of games but they need to keep on doing it.”

“There’s no doubt they like the winning feeling and if they want it continue they need to show more of those same qualities,” he said.