Dundee United 2 Falkirk 0: Fans Views

Here's what you had to say after yesterday's defeat at Tannadice.

By David Oliver
Sunday, 28th April 2019, 12:49 pm
Updated Sunday, 28th April 2019, 6:20 pm
Fans made their feelings audible before taking to social media. Picture: Michael Gillen.
Fans made their feelings audible before taking to social media. Picture: Michael Gillen.

C.J. Chalmers: "No fight. No desire. No passion. Players who don’t care, McKinnon so reluctant to experiment and change the game. Lumping balls forward to a lone striker, anti football and to no avail. We are where we deserve to be."

Rab Mullin: We’re going down with a whimper.... there was no fight at all. Abdul Osman is a complete passenger and doesn’t deserve to wear the shirt, how on Earth he remains on the pitch with diabolical displays week in week out is a mystery to me."

Keith Kleinman: "That is the worst falkirk team that I have seen for many a year sack the lot."

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Tommy Robson was praised. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Cheryl Liddell: "Awful performance. Cannot believe it’s come to this for our once great club. Sad times.

Jim Wallace: "Not good enough. No talent in the team."

Kenny McKaig: "Ten games to go...Ray you said 10 cup finals and we've had 10 disasters. Close the door on your way out. Thanks but no thanks."

Ray McKinnon was criticised... Picture: Michael Gillen.

@Alibalibeebrown: "Absolutely gutted today!"

@ionicdesigner7: "We can make the playoffs with a win at home for FFC sake and of course if Alloa lose at Ayr."

@CraigCru__: "Very bleak future at the minute. The board should resign immediately if they have any love left for the club."

Marshall Fleming: "My feelings about today’s game and our current team are unprintable...a sad day for club and fans."

... as were the board of directors. Picture Michael Gillen.

David Morrison: "It'll be a miracle if we can get the play-off place, but then, we'd probably lose those games anyway. Looks like League 1 next season."

Christopher Nelson: "Clear this club out from Top to bottom the fans need their club back"

@bigain84: "Learn from our (Raith) mistakes, please! We have now had three tough years of constant failure, to make sure your club comes out of this, stay true to the club and the team, dont hide away, but try sort the problems off the field like we didn't!"

@DannyBurns_10: "Absolute shampoo leading to an absolute disaster." [edited]

Derek Easton: "How can a manager talk so positive, about a team so negative! Time Ray was brought back down to earth,!! just sayin !!"

Duncan Gourlay: "Another poor performance and worryingly players look like they are lacking fitness. Never looked like taking anything from the game . Going down without a fight ..."

Nicky Rodgers: "Hopefully Lewis Kidd gets a deal for next year looks a cracking find at left wing."

Grant Elliot: "Lost faith in the majority of the players and management. Need a miracle next week and even then the best we can hope for is to stay up via the play offs and I'm not that confident we can even do that."

@MunroeChristie: "Thought the manager's drivel last week was delusional but tonight's interview is genuinely astonishing."

@lindahogg8: "Predictable garbage. Club is a mess on and off the pitch from top to bottom. How about the Falkirk Herald ask the chairman/CEO for comments for a change?

@BairnTilliDie: "Hope those people at the top of the club are happy. Couldn't even clap the fans at full time."

Colin Steele: "No heart, no passion, no pride! A lot not fit to wear the shirt. Club is rotten from top to bottom, went back 40 years in the space of two or three."

Steven Clark: "Time for the board to be changed. This group have no idea what they are doing."

@UncleBairn: "We are simply prolonging the pain of our inevitable relegation. Regardless of what happens against Ross County the Board, the players and McKinnon must go.

Alan Bennie: "Falkirk players is a loose term. These players should hang their head in shame!"

@Dougstewart77: "We’re fudged." [edited]

Colin Graham: "No passion, pride or motivation, only three players worthy today, Burgoyne,Rudden and Robson."

@StewartBaillie: "Two years of failure on and off the park & we deservedly face our fate next week bar some miracle. Lack of leadership from the top poisoned its way throughout the club. The fans will always be there but a new board required to move us forward.Stewart 32, emotional Falkirk fan"

@oneftweets: "You should ask whether the current BOD can remain in place."

@paulmctavish: "A 5 for Osman, a disgrace of a player! One defence splitting pass all game, negative, backwards, soft. Sooner this season is over no matter where we are the better. So many imposters! Inside and on the park!"

Ryan Calum Didcock: "A disgrace. McKinnon can do one - he’s tactically inept. The players can also do one - they show absolutely nothing ability-wise, no passion, not a care given - with the exception of Robson. The bod & MSG can do one as well - the sooner the better, theyve killed this club!"

Dawn Smillie: "Only three players worthy of wearing the Falkirk jersey today (Burgoyne, Rudden And Robson)! The rest looked like they were already away on holiday."

Raymond Setchfield: "I’ve looked out my bucket and spade already! “Oh I do like to be beside the the seaside “

Nicole Gordon: "Diabolical. No passion and no urgency. Lang and Campbell MUST GO!"

Ian Macnab: "Worse than Hartley for goodness sakes." [edited]