Defender Scott relishing fresh start and the rough '˜n' tumble

Scott Harrison in training (Photo: Michael Gillen)Scott Harrison in training (Photo: Michael Gillen)
Scott Harrison in training (Photo: Michael Gillen)
Fans will love to see new Bairn Scott Harrison wear his heart on his sleeve '“ but his boss and referees might not.

The 24-year-old joined Falkirk from Hartlepool and is looking forward to the rough-and-tumble of Scottish football, but admits he’s learned to reign it in.

“I’m a bit of an angry and aggressive sort of player but I’ve started to control it. I don’t know if that makes me play within myself and I’d be better off letting my raw emotion out – it does get me into trouble with referees.

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“The fans like that but the managers and officials don’t – I was always getting told off! It’s a fresh start now and I’m looking forward to getting on.”

Harrison has played with Tommy Robson at Sunderland and when the left-back was on trial at Hartlepool and spoke to the fan favourite shortly after agreeing to sign up to Paul Hartley’s Bairns revolution. And the left-back’s comments just got Harrison more excited about his move north.

“He says he loves it and loves the place. It didn’t affect my decision, it was already made, but it made me even more excited to come knowing how he enjoyed it.

“I was comfortable there, but now it’s a new challenge and chance to get back to playing. I didn’t really get that towards the end of my time.”

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Indeed the move is a relief after Hartlepool’s well-publicised financial troubles last season.

“It’s good to get away from it. It started to get a bit dour at the end but they’ve just been taken over so I wish them all the best. I’m glad there is a club to leave and it’s not gone. It was very very close.”