Cowdenbeath’s Central Park is a ground well worth avoiding

Can you identify this player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you identify this player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman has some harsh words for Cowdenbeath after spending another miserable afternoon in their decrepit Central Park stadium.

HARD TO BELIEVE: Looking at the official attendance last Saturday - a meagre 644- it was hard to believe that the same ground once hosted a great battle between Cowdenbeath and Falkirk in the race for the old Second Division title back in season 1969/70. A crowd of 10,000 saw a real blood and snotters encounter which Cowdenbeath won 2-1. Falkirk’s only goal came from Andy Roxburgh, but a few days later the reverse fixture saw Falkirk win 2-0.

ENCOURAGING FAMILIES - NOT: Falkirk fans with young children were annoyed to find that there was no Parent and Child gate at Central Park. Admission prices of £15 for an Adult and £8 for a Child under 16, will hardly encourage families to attend matches. To expect a family to cough up £46 to attend a match in that stadium is little short of a disgrace. Facilities are well below standard and the “organisation” for away fans is hopelessly out of touch. 644 and dropping.

LUCKY WHITE HEATHER: There were major hold-ups on the Forth Road Bridge last Saturday and many fans missed the opening 25 minutes. The question “Have we missed anything?” was greeted with some interesting replies. Many must have regretted that the traffic had eventually cleared.

GREAT IDEA NO. 45: There was a brilliant article in London Evening Standard with a converted map of the London Underground into a chart of great players and characters from the London clubs. Each was given a line and each station a famous player. We are working on a Falkirk version and hopefully will have one in time for Christmas.

DODGY DECISIONS: With all the communications advances and all the improved camera and voice links, how can there still be so many howlers as there were last Saturday. The Manchester United “penalty” and the Sunderland “advantage” were classic examples of human error.

THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC: Can you identify the player pictured above?

LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS: The team in the swimming pool was Chelsea in the time of Tommy Docherty and the local connection was the ex-Shire left back Eddie McCreadie. The teams in that marathon FA Cup tie were Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday.

TEASER: Which Falkirk Bairn earned seven Scotland caps and managed Norwich, West Brom and Brighton?

LEARNING FROM THE PAST: Going back to that 1970 season, why were Falkirk successful? Experienced professionals like Miller, Markie, and Scott and eager youngsters like Abel, Ford,McLaughlin and Hoggan. Oh- and goalscorers like Ferguson, Young and Roxburgh. Any lessons ?