Clyde 1-0 Falkirk: Fans’ views

Falkirk fans react to the team’s 1-0 defeat to Clyde and they were far from impressed with the performance.

By Craig Turnbull
Monday, 26th August 2019, 5:29 pm
Falkirk fans at Broadwood
Falkirk fans at Broadwood

Here’s what you have been saying on social media since Saturday’s loss.

Ian Charles: “Dreadful. Formation was wrong, midfield was undermanned and didn’t link to the defence or attack properly. Didn’t win second ball or compete to win clearances back. Continued to float in crosses that were always cleared, as Einstein said madness is doing the same thing again and again but expecting different results.

John McInally: No drive or pace from us. That 1st goal in this league is going to be so important because if the opposition get it, they will just do what Clyde did today. Only pass marks go to Buchanan & Gomis!

@Ryan_Calum: Ultra narrow, slow static garbage. The ref and linesman were an absolute disgrace but not the reason we lost.

Andy Thomson Very poor performance today. Players slow in getting the ball forward. High balls in to the box and no one on the end of it. Midfield not pushing forward enough. Gomis with the only pass mark for me.

John Fairley: Extremely poor performance, once Clyde got in front they closed the door and kept us out. No positives to take from this display only player deserving pass marks was Gomis and he was lucky not to be sent off. A lot of soul searching before Airdrie next week. Mitchell performed well in goal we had 13 corners and never beaten once.

@Homers_twin: We set up wrong, the main tactic was to pump balls into a packed penalty area. We failed to win the ball and had no one picking up clearances. Not convinced RM is up to it tactically when team’s expected to dominate but did an exceptional job with Hartley’s duds.

@MunroeChristie: RM has been given free reign in two transfer windows but the standard were watching is horrific.

@Sliptips More mind numbing football from McKinnon.