Central Academy’s Ellie set for Alabama adventure

Ellie Kane of Central Girls Academy
Ellie Kane of Central Girls Academy

Central Girls Academy’s Ellie Kane is all set to move to Alabama at the end of the month, but she won’t be far away from home.

Ellie’s coach is from Stenhousemuir, and is quite happy that he will have someone Scottish in his team next year.

“I think he’s quite happy he will have a Scot there. We play quite a different style of football,” Ellie told the Falkirk Herald.

The 18-year-old is moving to South Alabama University where she will study sports science, but she had quite a few universities chasing her.

“I was offered a few different universities but Alabama was the obvious choice.

“They are paying for my education, my accomodation and my food. They are giving me everything.

“All I have to pay for are my flights there and back, which is incredible.

“The other offers were from clubs that weren’t in the first division. South Alabama Uni are in the first division and are a high quality team.”

Ellie, who plays in central midfield but is also able to use her pace on the right wing, is excited to be moving to the USA with her best friend Kim, despite the fact they will be 500 plus miles apart.

“I looked it up on Google last night and it’s a seven hour drive.

“You forget just how massive the place is.”

Much like her friend Kim, this is Ellie’s first time living away from home for the first time.

She is relishing the prospect, but admitted there is definitely a hint of nerves there as well.

“I’m very excited. Football has been everything in my life since the age of five.

“I’m obviously nervous as well but very excited.”

Ellie leaves for Alabama at the end of the month, on July 29, and her scholarship will last four years.

With help from her Stenhousemuir-born coach, she hopes to be able to bed into her new surroundings very quickly and, most importantly, come back an improved player.

Ellie, much like Kim, had nice words for her Central Academy coach Ian Dibdin, who she says cares much more about individual players than he does about the team.