Camelon chairman addresses allegations following departure of manager Gordon Herd

Camelon Juniors chairman Gary Clark has released a statement in an effort to address allegations made relating the dismissal of manager Gordon Herd and coach John Miller.

Monday, 15th March 2021, 2:14 pm
Camelon Juniors FC Gary Clark

The club announced on Thursday that they had parted company with the pair and would make no further statement on the matter at that time.

However, over the weekend a number of allegations have been made about the background to that decision, as well as about the running of the club by their current committee.

Coaches Eamon Fullerton, Ali Jenkins and physio Emma Harper have all left their positions following the dismissals, as have under-20s coach Sean Roycroft and kitman Cameron Shanks.

Former Camelon Manager Gordon Herd

Shanks cited “exceptionally serious accusations” as his reason for resigning.

Shortly afterwards, a statement was issued by the current playing squad at Camelon via the “Mighty Mariners” facebook page saying they have no confidence in the current committee.

Mr Clark’s statement, available to be read in full HERE, confirmed that investigations into the allegations are ongoing.

He said: “There have been several rumours and allegations made towards certain members of the committee over the past three weeks.

"They still are being investigated by the club and the authorities and are very sensitive and could be damaging to the club going forward.

"You, the supporters, deserve answers and I hope you realise at the end of this why I have been unable to provide any until now due to the authorities being involved and an ongoing investigation taking place.

“Since these allegations had been brought to me and other committee members three weeks ago by the management team, they have been taken seriously and investigated.

"The appropriate authorities were called to help with the investigation and this has all been documented by the club.

"The club has dealt with these allegations over the last three weeks in what we think has been the best way to do things to get the truth for all parties.

"The allegations being made must still give those accused their presumption of innocence.”

He went on: “I can assure you that the reason behind the management team being dismissed isn't what is claimed, as everyone has the right to ask questions, but this must be done in a certain manner, without pressure or prejudice, and must be done in conjunction with any investigation, the club and authorities and protocols.

“We have diligently completed this procedure to the best of our abilities whilst retaining our integrity.

"We, as a club, are looking to rectify these and move forward with a more traditional look to the committee structure and complete transparency in the future to put the club on solid foundations which will safely guard them for the next 100 years and get by the challenges the club face regarding Covid and other challenges in the future.”

The Falkirk Herald approached Gordon Herd for comment but the former manager did not wish to make one at this time.