The Benchman: Who’d be the player to name a Falkirk Stadium stand after?

This week The Benchman remembers Sir Alex and his players’ strike, Patsy Gallacher and wonders which Bairns legend would have a stand in his honour.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 11:13 pm
Who do you recognise here? - The Mystery Picture, The Benchman, October 31, 2019

NOT BONNIE AND CLYDE: There were alarm bells ringing in that first half and Clyde had at least four good goal-scoring opportunities. As the game wore on, some started to think a draw wouldn’t be too bad, especially given the result coming in from Kirkcaldy. Others saw that killer-blow coming and Clyde were able to complete a memorable double.

THE GALLANT ROSEY POSEY: What an intriguing cup draw and let’s hope that as many fans as possible can be accommodated in the ground. It will be a huge game for the Rose and Falkirk will probably have to weather an early storm. I well remember an epic series of games at Brockville when Linlithgow and Kirkintilloch played out an epic Junior Cup semi-final tie and replay in front of crowds over 15,000

RACISM-AGAIN: It seems we can’t get away from the scourge of racism and recent episodes bring back memories of the terrible experiences suffered by black players in the 70s and 80s. Our own Richard Cadette had to endure some awful experiences during a game at Love Street, and older fans will recall the awful instances at grounds in this country when banana skins were thrown at players and monkey chants were clearly audible.

PLAYER POWER: The on-going saga of Mesut Ozil at Arsenal brings back memories of past player and manager conflicts. Perhaps the biggest stand- off came at Falkirk, when the players refused to play a League Cup tie against Montrose, and the game was in doubt even at the Saturday lunchtime. Eventually the directors backed the players and Willie Cunningham’s authority was seriously eroded.

STAND AND DELIVER: The naming of stands acknowledges past players and managers who made a significant contribution to their club. As with any Hall of Fame decision, or Team of the Millennium debate, much will depend on the age of those voting and the method of voting. The Falkirk Hall of Fame originally set 200 plus appearances as the criterion and this would exclude some players who should have been included such as Parker, White, Stainrod and Latapy.

HALL OF FAME: Last Sunday night saw the induction of the legendary Patsy Gallacher into the SFA Hall of Fame. His contribution while he played at Falkirk was significant and he defied the critics who thought he was well past his best. A well-deserved acknowledgement of a great career.

ANSWERS: Last week’s picture was a Forres Mechanics side from the 1960s and their manager was Jim McIntosh, the former Falkirk and Scotland Under-23 full-back.

NINE, NINE, NINE: Southampton 0 Leicester 9 reminded older fans of similar nightmares. They still recoil in horror at memories of losing 9-0 at Tynecastle in 1949 and 9-1 in 1957 and 9-2 in 1964 at Rugby Park. None will surpass the 9-0 half-time League Cup disaster at Fir Park. At Brockville we had an 8-0 hammering from Dundee in 1977.