BENCHMAN: What a sad way to end the season

The Benchman looks over another tumultuous week at Falkirk FC.

Mystery picture: Who is this player?
Mystery picture: Who is this player?

THE EXIT DOOR: The turnover of players since July 2018 is alarming and speaks volumes about the lack of due diligence undertaken by the previous manager and his “scouting system”. It was obvious to supporters way back in August that it was hard to identify with a team that you didn’t know and whose quality was blatantly just not good enough. Recruiting in the January window is always going to be a lottery and is done in the desperate hope of strengthening a side.

STATEMENT: The release on Friday was hardly unexpected, and some thought it might have gone further. The acknowledgement of the responsibility for “getting us into this mess” was candid and correct. The season was indeed “horrific” and ranks alongside previous lows of recent times. The timing was slow in contrast to that issued by other clubs and suggested to outsiders that various editors and proof-readers had been involved.

THE BOARD: Collective responsibility is part and parcel of any board or committee membership. The venomous personal attacks on Margaret Lang and Craig Campbell and the physical attack on Andy Thomson’s car were totally out of order and did little credit to those involved. Direct peaceful protest by all means, but some of what we saw after the Ross County game was nasty. Yes, wrong decisions were made and there was far too little evidence of vision, contingency planning or emergency measures. The Board were to blame- all of them.

PRE-SEASON TOUR: Fixtures are out on June 14 and road maps will be consulted. Supporting Falkirk is in the blood, but there are danger signals ahead. Many fans have had enough of being taken for granted and have given so much financial support for what? The bonds between club and fan base have been fractured and some careful- and genuine- rethinking is needed.

PLEASE!: Please- no more structural reviews, management-speak presentations, consultants, surveys and focus groups. We ALL know what’s wrong. Get it sorted.

SEASON TICKETS: The real Catch 22 comes with the sale of season tickets. What are they buying? Who will be playing? Who will be running the club? We need a “Stainrod signing”.

ANSWERS: Last week’s picture showed Dave MacKay of Spurs messing up another team photo.