BENCHMAN: Mic check, one two

The Benchman believes Morton's PA problems would have been a PR disaster for the game.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 18th August 2016, 5:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:38 pm
Who is this?
Who is this?


Manager Peter Houston rightly described that opening 45 minutes as “woeful”. Few among the 500 or so travelling Bairns fans would disagree. Where was the flair, the quick passing and above all the goal threat? Thankfully the second half was an improvement, but there were a few who missed Luke Leahy’s equaliser at the death as they had headed for a sharp exit.


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That could have been a first for a senior match if the dodgy tannoy system hadn’t been fixed. How would we have known the games was off? How would we have known what was going on? Back to the days of the message chalked on a blackboard and paraded round the ground by one of the staff, maybe.


I was persuaded to enter a team in our Family Fantasy League and the mythical prices attached to the players showed just how inflated the English game has become. I included as many ex-Bairns as I could, but I don’t think I’ll be in the money come May 2017. It got me thinking about a Fantasy Falkirk XI and invite Bairns supporters to send their entries into The Herald. Eleven players only, in any formation you like.


While it’s great to see Gordy at the home games, the Big Guy is still in Falkirk Community Hospital. That’s well over a year now and his family and friends are still trying to raise sufficient funds to get the house modified for a return home. With rising costs, the challenge is proving harder than originally thought. There is always a danger of ‘Donor Fatigue’ and all Falkirk fans will want to do all they can

to help.


Rangers lost out to an English club in a recent transfer chase. Not Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal - but Rotherham. The money in the English game way exceeds that here in Scotland. Those in charge of the SPFL need to have a radical re-think. If we can’t compete with them maybe we should consider changing to summer football. I can think of a few TV companies who might be interested in that.


Maybe, just maybe, Scottish football supporters are starting to vote with their feet. High admission prices, rising travel costs and refreshment prices are all contributing to a drop in attendances. Ten games in Scotland’s bottom two divisions - and only one match with a crowd of over 1,000.


Last week’s picture featured a training session at Bleachfield including Alex Duchart, Jimmy McIntosh, Tommy Lowry, Buck McCarry and Ian Rae. Falkirk signed Brian Scrimgeour from Chesterfield.


Who would be playing in this Falkirk five-a-side team if their nicknames were Bunts, Tosh, The Duke, Trooper and Kapoo?


Match rating: 5

Team rating: 5

Opposition 5

Referee: Beaton 7

Best Bairn: Luke Leahy