BENCHMAN: The Bairns' big decision - Remain or Leave?

It was a case of the B-exit debate for The Benchman over the past week. That's B-exit - the Bairn's exit....or not?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 1st July 2016, 4:53 pm
Updated Friday, 1st July 2016, 5:56 pm
MYSTERY PICTURE: Who is this ex-Bairn?
MYSTERY PICTURE: Who is this ex-Bairn?


It divided the support. Families, friends and workmates were at odds with each other. Stay with what you know. Go into the unknown.

You can’t come back, once you go.

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In the end, we decided to go our different ways. I am staying in the Main Stand. The others are going to the South Stand.

That’s democracy for you. We’re still pals and we’ll meet up in BTW afterwards.


We have had some screamers in the past- crew-cuts, quiffs, mullets, shaved heads, perms and dreadlocks, but the Croatia variation takes the biscuit.

The guy with the Croatian red and white chessboard printed into his hair was something else. Which of the Bairns will have the Falkirk Steeple cut?


After all the hype and expectation, the Wales- Northern Ireland was probably the worst game of the tournament so far.

And then a couple of hours later, along came Portugal and Croatia.

With all the talent available to them, their “efforts” were woeful and you could easily have bet your house that they would end up with extra time.

So much for the per-tournament predictions of dark horses.


We are all keen to see Willie Collum in action again. Willie handled the France v Albania game in Marseille and then took charge of the Czech Republic v Turkey match.

Scotland’s Finest is maybe being kept for the Final itself?


Last week’s mystery picture was former England star Jimmy Armfield of Blackpool, a well-known voice on BBC Radio Five Live.

After their tour of Malta, Falkirk moved on to Israel.


From which club did Falkirk sign Tommy McQueen?


Another great story from one of the volunteers in Football Memories. He played at Firhill under manager Willie Thornton and Willie asked one of the senior players for advice as to how he could get to know the players better.

He was told to get the track-suit on and ditch the suit.

Next day, there was no sign of the manager as the training started. The senior player went to find the boss. There he was in his office, behind his desk- in a tracksuit. Honestly.


The Falkirk- Swansea connection continues with the announcement of a pre-season friendly.

We are looking forward to seeing some old familiar faces back at The Falkirk Stadium.

Remember the first players to turn out for Swansea and Falkirk?


We hope to interview the oldest surviving Bairns player over the next few days.

He is now 99 and lives in a Care Home in Perthshire, but he remembers playing with Bob Shankly, Bobby Keyes and Kenny Dawson. Should be fascinating.


2014-Wales were 1-0 down to Andorra and looking doomed. 2016 -they are one game away from the semi-finals of Euro 2016.

Who got them out of jail in that game against Andorra? Gareth Bale.