First class ambition for Ranwill

South African cricketer Ranwell Classen (amateur).
South African cricketer Ranwell Classen (amateur).

Stenhousemuir’s amateur cricketer Ranwill Claasen is looking forward to picking up tips from team-mate Rushdie Jappie.

The 22-year-old bowler is looking to his professional house-mate for batting tips and even calls his fellow countryman his ‘personal trainer’.

“I’m not his trainer,” insists Jappie, “we learn from eachother.”

Both South Africans are in Stenhousemuir for the summer and working together to help the Tryst club achieve more glory on the wicket.

But that’s not coming easy. The weather in Scotland, wetter than ever since the duo arrived at the end of last month, means they have a new experience on the cricket field.

“The wickets are slower here,” the 22-year-old bowler told Heraldsport.

“Me and Rushdie practice every day, and we end up hanging round the gym together too because the weather’s quite, how would you say - negative here.

“So we play when we have the chance. And we come to the club at other times.

“Rushdie has become my personal trainer, he has shown me how to bat and it’s helping me quite a lot, I’m a bowler primarily.”

That’s what Claasen was brought to the Tryst to do, and he’s showing his housemate techniques too.

But Jappie’s proficiency with the bat which saw him hit a memorable 161-run innings for Stenhousemuir last week, is rubbing off on Claasen.

“It all helps,” he says, “my whole experience will.

“When Stenhousemuir contacted me I thought this was a huge opportunity for me, and grabbed it with both hands.

“I’ll be here until September, my goal is to go back to south Africa and play my first first class match and I think Stenhousemuir and Rushdie have the ability to help me to do that.”

Claasen used to play in the Varsity school system, plus he operates out of the Union Stars club when he is home on holidays.

“It’s the highest level of cricket to play at back home,” he explained.

“But I want to play first class and Stenhousemuir is one way to do that.”