Falkirk Juniors apply to join league

Club Secretary Alan Keir with Karl Lejman
Club Secretary Alan Keir with Karl Lejman

There could soon be a new name on the local football scene.

Falkirk Juniors go before the annual general meeting of the Scottish Junior FA on Saturday in a bid to seal a place in the East of Scotland league next term.

Grangemouth Stadium will be home to the new club should their bid be successful.

Former East Stirlingshire player Karl Lejman is one of the brains behind the club.

“We’re adding to the number of options for football players in the local area,” he told Heraldsport.

“There’s such a wealth of youth football clubs and schemes locally, the players are there, and maybe we’re a chance for people to play on after they have progressed through these clubs but don’t want to turn amateur.

“Other than Camelon, Bo’ness and Dunipace there’s no other teams in Falkirk district.

“Once their 20-man squads are filled where do players go? Further afield to West Lothian, to Fife, to Stirlingshire? Well we hope to be another option for them.”

The Juniors’ long-term aim is to add a juvenile feeder age-group and an under-19s team, but by creating another paid option for players within the game, they can also provide a safety net for players who’ve been released by other clubs in these austere times for Scottish football.

“We won’t be paying a fortune, but we will be run as a business and are treating this club as a professional part-time outfit - that will be the ethos at this club.

“All we need is to have our status in the league ratified on Saturday in Dundee.

“I’ve had many positive meetings over establishing this club,” added Karl, “and have spoken of our aims and ambitions with Tom Johnston at the Scottish Junior FA.”

Little Kerse will be the club’s training facility and the home stadium will be shared with the local athletics club based there.

“The two seasons run at opposites to each other,” added Lejman.

“There are small points of overlap but we’ll work around that and share the tenancy of Grangemouth Stadium with the athletes and complement the athletics club.

“I’ve been very pleased to make an agreement with Falkirk Council on the lease of the Stadium.”

Karl has a footballing background as have many of the forces pressing for this team to be set-up.

“We’ve guys involved who’ve been at Premier League level, and others who’ve been in the senior football set-up and others who have played a high standard of junior football.

“There are a lot of people involved here, but there is a lot of scope for the club.

“The catchment area is massive, we’re all local residents of Falkirk district, hence the name.

“We’ve guys from Maddiston, Brightons, Falkirk, Camelon and Grangemouth.

“There’s interest all over and when you see the potential for football at Grangemouth Stadium, as the Junior FA have seen on their visit, then we are looking forward to what we hope will be a successful venture for Falkirk Juniors.”