Falkirk fans mark the Steeple’s cards

The Hampden card display in the Falkirk end which was seen just before kick-off on Saturday. Picture: Michael Gillen
The Hampden card display in the Falkirk end which was seen just before kick-off on Saturday. Picture: Michael Gillen

There was more than one display on show at Hampden on Saturday as Falkirk fans joined together to embrace the massive Steeple which stretched over five sections of the West Stand.

Falkirk Herald staff, with help from the Grangemouth Air Cadets, spent the afternoon and early evening the day before the cup final placing blue and white cards on the seats in the stand in a design that formed a white Steeple surrounded by dark blue, with two full white columns down the outside sections, totalling around 5000 seats.

And the fans did the town proud when they held them aloft just as the teams were making their way on to the pitch showing off the iconic Steeple which features on the club’s badge.

Preparations for the display started early on Friday after we were given a plan of the Hampden seating and had to work out which seats would be white and which ones blue.

To do this a scaled cut-out of the Steeple was placed over the stand’s seating plan which helped us identify the seats we needed for the white while at the same time formulating how many it would take for the Steeple alone.

We had 2500 blue and white cards each and had to keep the Steeple to around 500 cards. We managed to get it to around 593.

The effort wouldn’t have been possible without the help Tom McMorrow from the cadets who sent us Janet Daly (18) from Falkirk, Cailin Best (18) and brothers Mark (20) and Ross (17) Hutton. Mark also had a ticket for the game.

Other helpers were group editor Colin Hume, reporter Scott McAngus, business control manager John Gow, sports editor David Oliver and his sons Jack and Tom – who was also there on cup final day cheering on the Bairns and holding his white card up in the West Stand.

Colin Hume said: “There were a few panicky moments but it came together really well thanks to the plan. Once we knew which seats were which it was just a case of placing them.

“If it wasn’t for the help of the air cadets we would have been there all night so we owe them a massive thanks for coming along and playing their part in the cup final effort.

“I’d also like to thank Brian Muir and Alex Hall from Hampden who were extremely helpful. We were a bit nervous about how it would turn out on the day, but it looked great, especially if you saw it from the other end of the ground so I’m sure the Inverness fans would have been impressed.”