Ever-present prize for Olejnik

Grangemouth. The Falkirk Stadium. Starshot presentation to Robert Olejnik and Michael Andrews.
Grangemouth. The Falkirk Stadium. Starshot presentation to Robert Olejnik and Michael Andrews.

CONSISTENCY in between the sticks was the key for Robert Olejnik, who walked away with this year’s Falkirk Herald Starshot trophy.

And consistency in the goalkeeping position is something Steven Pressley values highly, so much so that he could be poised to make a move to re-instate Robert Olejnik.

The goalkeeper is out of contract and seeking a club, but a source within the club has suggested the Austrian Starshot winner could return to the club - if the price was right.

Heraldsport understands Olejnik has attracted some interest from the SPL but would be welcomed back to The Falkirk Stadium - on a reduced deal that fits in with the Bairns more prudent financial structure.

Olejnik was one of the high-earners in Pressley’s squad still on an SPL club contract in the First Division, but he’s rated highly by Pressley and could make a return on significantly reduced wages.

That move, it is understood won’t be tied up until the goalkeeper assesses all his options, but the door is still open from the club’s point of view.

Olejnik was coy on his future when picking up his Starshot award saying “nothing has been set in stone”.

His prominence between the sticks for Falkirk though, is now set in crystal and Bobby is the Falkirk Herald Starshot winner 2011, an award he said he is pleased to accept.

“It’s a trophy I’ll put up at home and it’ll bring back fond memories of being here at Falkirk,” he said.

But although the award pleases him, the season just past didn’t, for obvious reasons.

“The most frustrating thing about it was we were trying to replicate Inverness from the season before.

“Obviously we didn’t want to get relegated from the SPL but the next best thing after that was to come back up straight away - though that’s not happenned.

“It’s been a completely different experience in Division One where we were one of the bigger scalps at the other side of the table.

“Teams came to our ground and tried to up their game a bit, a bit like what happens to Celtic and Rangers in the SPL.

“So that was a change and made it a good experience for us and for me.”

Whether or not Olejnik will take that good experience on to the SPL will be decided this summer, but he’s remaining tight-lipped on his future.

“There’s rumours and what’s really going on.

“The fans have been great and I can’t really complain, I’ve enjoyed my four years I’ve had here and if it continues, well I’ve enjoyed it and hope that will stay the case.

“There have been plenty of highlights with the club. It has been such a learning curve - I’ve had so many games. I could stand and talk about highlights all day.

“Playing in front of big crowds we had in the SPL has been a valuable lesson, and so was playing in Europe.

“It’s all valuable experience as is just generally getting your head together and doing your best on a Saturday.”

The goalkeeper was an ever-present for the Bairns and while never hit the individual heights of Mark Stewart and Ryan Flynn, his presence ensured a reward for a consistently dependable season.