Elvis is taking one for the team

Picture: FALKIRK. Falkirk Stadium. FHS,  Falkirk v Dundee. Steven Pressley celebrates at the final whistle.
Picture: FALKIRK. Falkirk Stadium. FHS, Falkirk v Dundee. Steven Pressley celebrates at the final whistle.

STEVEN Pressley was one half of a Falkirk double as both the manager and striker Farid El Alagui were named manager and player of the month in the Irn Bru First Division.

But although the boss was pleased to be recognised - as it means the team is succeeding - he said it’s all about the team and not individuals.

“You can’t win a manager of the month award without the team playing well and they continue to do well and improve every day,” he told Heraldsport.

“I’m pleased, but more for my backroom staff. The manager is often the face of the coaching staff, and there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be working with the likes of Lee Bullen and Alex Smith - I have a great relationship with Lee, I trust him with my life and I have had a huge respect for Alex throughout my career.

“He’s almost become a second father to myself, not just for football advice, but advice in general. His enthusiasm about our Academy and these players here is incredible. He has such an appetite for football it rubs off on all of us.

“Farid’s is another team award. The goalscorer gets plaudits but that only comes when the team is doing well. You don’t often get awards when the team is struggling. Farid has been a wonderful find, I’m delighted for him. He’s a worker and a good boy.”

Pressley has led the side to the semi-final of the Ramsdens Cup after being knocked out at the first hurdle last season. There’s also a quarter final Communities Cup date to look forward to with his old club Dundee United.

“I need to remind the players this (semi-final) could be it - it’s not a regular occurrence reaching a semi-final although I hope it is for this club.

“These are special occasions and can be one-off for players. It is an opportunity not to be passed up.

“But that’s not my message. The message is - if we win down there it’s a terrific result. We got the plaudits for the Rangers win, but this will be different.”

Pressley will make a decision on how to replace Kieran Duffie tomorrow at training before discussing tactics.

“Annan have a good record at home, but we have a great spirit at training at the moment.

“I don’t have to say too much any more on the training ground - the drive and determination and work-rate among the group pushes them on - it is something to stand back and admire.

“Obviously I will speak about the tactics side of things but will make a decision on Kieran after analysing our 11 v 11 training games.

“He will be a big miss. This season he’s been in top form and he made a key run - the length of the pitch for our goal against Hamilton.”