Derek Ure doing it for the kids

Derek Ure leads his boys out in the Falkirk Stadium
Derek Ure leads his boys out in the Falkirk Stadium

After ten years, Derek Ure was considered part of the East Stirlingshire family. Now he has decided to put his own family first.

The long-serving midfielder has told Shire he will not accept a new deal so he can spend more time with his two sons and wife at weekends.

Ure, who was last season granted a testimonial by the club, says it was not an easy decision to reach but he knows, deep down, that it is the right one for himself and the family.

“It will be strange not being around the place,” he said. “It was a tough decision. I will certainly miss it more than people will miss me, but it was something I had been thinking about for a while.

“My wife would probably have been happy to go on playing at the Shire but I felt I was missing out on watching the kids growing up by devoting my weekends to football,” said Ure.

He claims the final straw was knowing that if he continued to play for Shire he would be unable to watch eldest son Kyle playing football every week, a routine Derek had grown into.

“The team he plays with have switched games to a Saturday morning,” he said. “I would go down on a Sunday, watch them play and maybe help out a wee bit with coaching.

“It was something I enjoyed doing but when they switched the wee man’s games to a Saturday I just thought I would miss out too much on him growing up.

“There are so many long away trips with Shire that I would not have been able to go to a lot of his games and I just didn’t think that was the right thing to do.”

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