Cheerleaders stun coach with wedding day surprise

The Cheerleaders with Dawn Thom
The Cheerleaders with Dawn Thom

Falkirk Fusion head coach Dawn Thom received a big wedding day surprise when her team of young cheerleaders turned up and performed for her and her husband.

Dawn tied the knot this summer, and her fellow coaches and parents of some of the younger girls decided to make the day extra special.

Recently married: Dawn Thom

Recently married: Dawn Thom

The whole event was kept secret as the girls turned up and performed four of their competition routines for their head coach, her husband and the guests.

Fiona Gorman, mother of one of the 11-year-old cheerleaders who was involved in the surprise, told the Falkirk Herald how the whole thing was kept secret.

“We managed to keep the whole thing from her, organising secret practice meet ups and even had the hotel staff helping by sneaking us in and hiding us until it was time to surprise Dawn.

“The girls (pictured right with Dawn) turned up in full competition outfits with hair and make up done.”

The surprise took months of organisation and goes a long way to highlighting the appreciation the girls have for head coach Dawn.

Fiona told the Herald how much time and effort was put in to the occasion.

“It took months to plan and some families re-arranged their family holidays so the team would be complete for the day.”

Falkirk Fusion are an all star squad who train three times per week and compete in competitions.