Cameron McLaughlan

Cameon McLauchlan 's garage is full of trophies
Cameon McLauchlan 's garage is full of trophies

Cameron McLaughlan is planning for a career on four wheels – by taking to two wheels.

The 16-year-old from Falkirk is looking for a step up to Formula Four or Formula Ford this season and is currently recruiting sponsors.

Christie Doran from Carron and Cameron mcLauchlan from Falkirk. Local race drivers.

Christie Doran from Carron and Cameron mcLauchlan from Falkirk. Local race drivers.

But he’s also getting himself in shape, mentally and physically, for the rigours of the step up in class this coming year.

McLauchlan has already acrued titles across Scotland and finished a credible fifth in the Rookie Cup Super One Championship last year. It was his toughest race of the year, coming up against the best drivers of his age and class from across Britain, but after a decent finish was enough to earn a prize, he has his eye on more from the coming season.

That means hitting the road for some practise, and some pedal power rather than pedals on metal.

“Working on my fitness is a big thing this year. That will be one of the demands of Formula Ford,” he told The Falkirk Herald.

“I’ll be ensuring I eat properly and training away from the car will be a big thing too.

“I’ll be in the gym and out cycling on my bike to achieve that because it will be much more competitive this year.”

After his most competitive race last year MacLauchlan, who is a St Mungo’s High pupil, was handed a prize from top USA driver Ryan Dalziel.

That will earn him a place in his garage on the pit lane at Silverstone for a race meeting in April where he’ll be able to pick-up tips and see first-hand the action, emotion and dynamics of a raceday garage.

“That’ll be really good and I’m hoping I learn something there which will help.

“I am hoping for a place in Formula Four or Formula Ford and that’s what I’m training and p[reparing for but it’s all a case of finding sponsorship at the moment.

“I have won everything going in Scotland and I know next year will be tougher still.

“I was best junior of the year again in 2014. I previously won the title in 2012 and I was handed prizes by Christie Doran who is well-known driver in the BMW class from Falkirk. She’s doing really well for herself.”

Ross Wyllie - the British Aston Martin GT champion was another to hand Cameron a prize and there have been plenty of them over the past year.

MacLauchlan’s name is on the 2014 trophies for the Scottish Championship, the Scottish Open, the Summerlee championship and the Larkhall club championship.

He’s also been on the track all across Scotland in ranking events including Crail. But for now, it’s the cycle track, a hunt for sponsors and school exams for the S5 pupil.