PIC LISA FERGUSON 14/05/2009'FHS Falkirk Stadium; First day of Scottish Cup final tickets sale from club shop
PIC LISA FERGUSON 14/05/2009'FHS Falkirk Stadium; First day of Scottish Cup final tickets sale from club shop
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RESPONSIBILITIES are being shelved from Falkirk’s board and the club will now run day-to-day by committee.

Chairman Martin Ritchie branded the formation of a new sub-level operational board of volunteers, a ‘radical’ step in the club’s future.

It has been formed after the chairman admitted the volume of issues dealt with by the board has risked directors losing focus on vital business areas.

“There is so much going on day-to-day and week to week at a football club, there is a danger you can take your eye off the ball on the key, big things,” Mr Ritchie told Heraldsport.

“Board meetings can last four hours and we spend an hour on subjects and areas we should be devoting the full four-hour meeting to.”

Drafting in the gratis group to take over duties from directors leaves them to focus on the corporate planning of the club, a move welcomed by the club chairman.

He added: “We want the board to be totally focused on the boardroom fundamentals like finance, strategy and corporate governance and allow a group of people with specific expertise to have a far more direct role in helping the club in their areas.

“There have been areas over the last two years which we’ve been cutting back all the time.

“Internally we get stretched, but the people on this new management committee will devote some time every month to helping out in their fields of expertise - there are a lot of skills in the stands of the Falkirk Stadium on a Saturday and within the local community.

“I’m absolutely sure this is the right way forward for the club.”

Restructure comes at the end of a season when Falkirk became embroiled with HMRC over unpaid tax payments and the club subject of a - now rescinded -winding up petition.

Current day-to-day duties are encumbered upon a small team based at The Falkirk Stadium, headed by managing director George Craig.

Yet Mr Ritchie insists the new committee of volunteers operating below the boardroom, and alongside the club’s paid staff, won’t have any bearing on those already employed.

“We still have a managing director and it is still George Craig,” he said.

“This announcement is not in any way related to any paid staff. This committee is non-executive, it’s voluntary, so will work alongside them.

“The directors will have to keep clear of the areas that are the remit of the management committee. We need to build it up and ensure we get good mix of people and experience in.

“It will allow more people to be involved in the running of the club and the focus of the board to be trained on what it should be focusing on.”

The voluntary committee will be chaired by new director Andy Thomson.

Interest has already been expressed in some positions. Other voluntary roles will be advertised on the club website.