Broncos to travel to Manchester with just four players

A Broncos side that was something closer to full fitness
A Broncos side that was something closer to full fitness

As the new NFL season gets underway, Grangemouth Flag Football Club will complete the final action of the BAFA 2018 League season on Sunday, September 16.

While we already know that the Baker Street Buttonhookers are the BAFA British Premier Champions, with the Glasgow Hornets as runners-up, and the London Smoke are the BAFA British Division 1 Champions, with Carnegie Flag as the runners up, there are still a few games to be played.

On Sunday both the Grangemouth teams will be playing some important games at Bellevue Sports Village in Manchester.

The Broncos will be playing in the BAFA National Plate Championship and the Colts will be playing for promotion to the BAFA Premier League.

The Plate Championship is a day-long tournament for the best of the teams who didn’t make the National Finals.

While the Broncos will make an appearance in the competition, the timing could have been better.

At the start of the season, the Broncos went with a ten man squad, knowing that they had the commitment of the players to complete the league season’s fixtures. They could also count on some Colts to play up if they were short manned at any point. They didn’t bargain on a “season from hell”.

New player Scott McCracken, for personal reasons, was transferred to Carnegie after only two fixtures. Scott McKenzie suffered a knee injury in Aberdeen, and is still suffering the effects.

Fraser Thomson and Kevin Woods were both injured while playing for the club in Germany, with Fraser still recovering. Kevin, after working in America for the summer, arrives home the day after the event.

Callum Woods has been playing injured for the majority of the season. Now Matthew Ross, Luke Morrice and Andy Brown are all unavailable for the weekend.

Who does that leave? Liam Fleming, Kevin Simpson, though he is playing through shin splints, and veteran Jimmy Thomson. With Scott McKenzie at QB it is going to be a long hard day playing with four players.