Blackpool title is right on cue for Grangemouth’s Lapsley

Pic Lisa McPhillips 03/09/2013'Terri Lapsley pool international
Pic Lisa McPhillips 03/09/2013'Terri Lapsley pool international

There’s a big silver pot at Camelon’s Corner Pocket pool hall with Terri Lapsley’s name on it.

The 25-year-old, from Grangemouth, won the trophy at the UK Golden 8-ball in Blackpool.

But as welcome as the title is, Terri says she gets more pleasure from seeing others win, in her role as manager of the Scotland under-18 A team.

Her rapid rise through the local and national pool ranks has seen her take on the management role, alongside the secretary duties for the Scottish Pool Association’s under-23, youth and juniors sections. She has also managed to get herself noticed by the national team selectors.

She said: “The under-18s were at the European championships and won three out of four titles, and the other team was runner up.

“We’re going to Malta in November for the nations cup, and I got picked to play for the ladies’ A team, but had to turn it down because I was managing - the Europeans are all at the same time so I can’t do both so I’ve chosen to manage. I enjoy managing more than playing - I don’t know how it developed, but I found managing more enjoyable than playing.”

However, that’s not to say she’s taking her eye off the ball. “I still want to win and the Scottish singles are next month. Obviously it’s the biggest competition in Scotland and I’m looking to get to the final, I’d love to win it.

“I lost our last ladies tour event to our ladies’ section manager Yvonne Ewing - she’s one of the top players.... so I need a good draw to avoid her.

Terri got into the sport playing at The Ellwyn. Someone saw me and asked her to play in the team in the Summer league. Then someone suggested I enter the Ladies tour. She progressed through that and through the teams, starting in B2, then B1 then the As

“it was quite a quick progression,” she said. “I was under-21 at first and I’ve been six years playng internationally.”

She went on: “I was 18 at the Ellwyn then moved to the Clachan. Now I’m at the Corner Pocket. It can get complicated in the Falkirk leagues!”

The administration worker at Falkirk High School also referees in the local leagues and is on a recruitment drive to add more players to both the local and national teams.

“Most of the bigger name players can referee themselves, but you can be called over by their opponent to watch a shot if they think there might be a foul, it usually runs smoothly.

“Our new season began in August. But the under-23 youth and juniors need more publicity and people to know we’re here. There might not be someone there to spot you like there was with me, but we are always looking for people. If anyone fancies it they can come to Corner Pocket - I am often there.

“You don’t need to be experienced, we have coaching and beginners are very welcome. There are events for under-18s, under-23s and a mixed team too. It’s a chance to meet new people and travel across the country on the tour.”

Terri met her current boyfriend, Jack Whelan, when she was playing for Scotland and he was on England’s team. It was his influence that helped her win the title in Blackpool.

She said: “It was a five-person team event, I wasn’t in a team, I just went down with Jack and threw my name in for the singles at the last minute, I was the only Scottish girl there. I won the singles, we got to the semi finals of the mixed doubles, so we were a good team. We also got to the finals in his local competition in Derby.”