The Benchman: Let down yet again

The Benchman looks at Falkirk’s predicament on and off the pitch, players moving on to success and Alex McLeish.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25th April 2019, 10:10 am
Who is the Falkirk player?
Who is the Falkirk player?

LET DOWN- YET AGAIN: What would some clubs give for a support like that at Falkirk? They turn up in their numbers despite setback after setback; they fork out for merchandise and tickets. They support all the initiatives from the club. They don’t expect to win every game, but they do deserve a team that plays with passion, that cares about the club and whose commitment and enthusiasm are obvious.

NEW SEASONS IN THE SUN?: It’s all too easy to wallow in nostalgia and hark back to the imagined Good Old Days, recalling legendary players, cup runs and epic league matches. What matters more is the future for the club. Rumours and gossip are not in short supply. What is needed is a clear, well thought out and resourced plan to get Falkirk back on track- a community- based team who live within their financial means with a conveyor belt of young talent and who can attract players who want to further their careers. We need a style of play that attracts supporters and management that can inspire and tap into an enormous potential support. We have lost our way- and if relegation happens, let’s use that as a chance to rebuild and restore the bonds between supporters and their football club.

WORST NIGHTMARE: That set of results was the stuff of nightmares. Thistle and Queens winning, added to Morton pulling away from the drop zone, was enough to drive you to distraction. Watching the league table change almost by the minute is not good for your blood pressure.

SCOTLAND BOSS: The bookies produced a list of the possible runners that contained names that were daft, unlikely, bewildering and some that fell into the never-in-a- million years category. With seven ex-Falkirk players already having managed the national side, who would bet against John Hughes or Jack Ross moving into the hot seat?

ALEX McLEISH: A likeable man was propelled into a job that was too much for him and the blame must surely lie with those who made the appointment. His best days were behind him and the experiences at Forest, Genk and Zamalek should have been heeded. There is no room for the “old pals” act in recruitment, especially of football managers.

ANSWERS: Falkirk had just beaten Meadowbank Thistle 4-2 at Brockville.

HEADLINE BAIRNS: Good to see familiar faces on TV over Easter. Will Vaulks scored another screamer for Rotherham, Jack Ross masterminded a Sunderland promotion push, Lyle Taylor scored for Charlton and Conor McGrandles impressed at MK Dons.

AND THEN THERE WERE EIGHT: The Rugby Park dismissals last Saturday brought back memories of a Falkirk-Hearts game at Brockville in August 1989, when The Bairns ended the game with eight players. Derek McWilliams, Tom Callaghan and Davie Beaton were sent off in a 4-1 defeat.


Match rating: 6

Team rating: 4

Opposition: 6

Referee: Colin Steven 6

Best Bairn: Zak Rudden